Looking where to buy your Iphone is other apple product is always a challenge given that it involves  hundred of thousands of CFA.   Apple does not have an official Apple store in Cameroon, however according to Apple you can get Apple products at any of the authorised partners in Cameroon. There are some few authorised apple stores around the country especially in the town of Douala. But getting these products online seem to be a challenge.  So far the online stores like '' The Apple Store Cameroon'' and Istore Douala offer sales on facebook. 
Who are these Partners?

 *MTN Cameroon, and *Orange Cameroun and Istore who both have their products on Jumia.

All these partners have Online shops on Jumia Cameroon for those who like shopping online.
Apple products had been one of the most prestigious in the  last five years used by friends and relatives who like quality or #SWAG. Given that the Apple company is not a Cameroon based company, many think these products must be ordered from Europe ,USA or  China.

With the introduction of Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus red special editions, my  inbox had been floating with emails with the questions

                               '' Where can i buy an Iphone 7 in Cameroon'' and
                                 ''Where can i find the nearest Apple store in Douala? ''

                                         Get Iphone 7 Here
This is why i have made this post to show you  where and how you will buy an Iphone or any other apple product in Cameroon at the cheapest rates possible.
I  am aware that Iphones are one of the most popular products used in Cameroon. Today, we are  going to discover all the products you can fine from an Apple Store in Cameroon and where you can buy them.

                                                Where is Apple Store ?
As mentioned earlier, the official parners recognize by Appl are MTN, Orange and MCi. All these partners have come together in a common market called JUMIA Camerroon where you can buy apple products and get them  delivered to you at home or  your office.  To avoid the long ques at MTN offices, you can visit MTN and Orange Shops online and order your iPhone and other Apple products are reduced rates. Getting your products online will save cost of transportation,time,inconveniences and others. If you are close to an MTN service center, then paying a visit should not be a problem.

Where to Buy used Iphone in Cameroon

There are several places today to get used  or new Iphones to belong to the family. There are several local stores  stores around your town that specialised in Iphone products. In Douala, everyone know that the most popular phone market at Marche Sanaga  known as Ancienne Troisime is a place where you can get all brand of phones. There are other zones like Akwa , Makepe  Rhone poulenc, Carrefou Andem , Ndokoti Market among others where you can get an Iphone for yourself. 

You can also consider getting the answer to where to buy used Iphones in Cameroon by checking  classified sites like kerawa , jumia.cm among others.

The bush fallers  ( those coming from abroad ) can equally be a source of your second hand iphones . if you have a friend or family member in Europe, China,Korea or USA, you can send him/her some money  so he can buy you a phone . Fairly used phones are pretty cheap that way when boufht this way because they come in without additional cost on shipping and custom duties.

              What are the Products i Can buy in an Apple Store in Cameroon?
The major products and services offered by Apple includes:
 Apple computers  in Cameroon aka Mac   .
The various computer types includes, Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac,Mac Pro  and Mac Mini  which all functions thanks to Apple Mac OS.
   where to get this used or fairly apple phones and other apple products had been mentioned above.

Apple Phones( Iphones) in Cameroon: Knowing where to buy your used or new iphone is inportant. But knowing which Iphone type to buy is more important.  Iphones constitute one of the most trending brands of apple that has made the world vibrate including Cameroon. With various versions of Iphone available in Cameroon, we can get the latest versions( iPHONE SE, iPhone 7 plus, , Iphone 6  Iphone 6 Plus, Iphone 8 , Iphone 9 , Iphone X, Iphone 11 and more .
Apple smart phones  can be bought in many shops in Cameroon. However we recommended getting your iphones on Jumia to avoid fake brands.Today Jumia no longer the market place but just a classified ad site. So be on the watch to make sure you secure your money  .  Iphone Sellers on Jumia are official partners of Iphone in Cameroon and as such products are of great quality.

Latest Iphones in  Cameroon Mobile Market

Apple Smart Phones (iPad) in Cameroon

Apple Ipad: If you want to experience something in between iphone and Mac in terms of size, then getting an apple tablet will fit into this with no problem. Apple tablets knows as iPad can serve those who like travelling around Cameroon  since it functions  as your phone and Computer at the same time. This  product thus will help you capture importants moments and share with your friends with little o no stress.

The trending apple tablets includes; iPad Pro,iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad  mini 2 . All these tablets are powered by the apple iOS with the latest version at the moment being apple iOS 10.

 These are the major products we will like to mentioned. All these products  come with itunes and Apple store for you to get the best of music , apps and other innovations smart phone users enjoy.   If you still like using a stand alone device for  for music, then consider getting iPod devices in Cameroon too. There are equally available on the various offline and online stores in Douala and other parts of the Country.

                     How Can i Buy from an Apple store in Cameroon?

We have answered the question on where tp buy your pple phone or other apple product on the internet. JUMIA Apple Shop: The Jumia Apple store is an Online shop on Jumia Mall where you can fine Apple phones and computers from trusted sellers in Cameroon. These shop is made up of a collection of iPhones permitting you to make a choice from hundreds available.  All the products sold by MTN Cameroon and Orange Cameroon are sold on Jumia at reduced rates so as to encourage online shopping in Cameroon.  To buy on Jumia is very easy
* Visit any of these Shops:

 Jumia Cameroon,                       


MTN Cameroon,             OR                                Orange Cameroun

* Select your phone type
* Proceed to check out.
*Come back and say thank you in our comment section.
Enjoy Apple products in Cameroon and stay updated with the latest trends in technology.

Do you know another Apple partner  or where to buy an Apple Phone or product in  Cameroon not mentioned in this post?
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