Hey Guys, welcome to a new episode of daily hacks and tricks adventures. Today, once more we are going to use  use our powerful buddy, the “Command Prompt”.

So Basically , I have one question, 
have you connected to a Wi-Fi once and you don’t remember the password ? 
 You might just  need the password  to get connected on another device .
No worries here is the solution. Just follow the quick guide and let me know your results. 

Firstly, we get to the command prompt as usual that is “Windows button + R”. Then this appears

Then type in “cmd” as in the screen shot  above.
Then we get this black box.

Next,  we type in “netsh wlan show profile” and click   “Enter”
It may take a little seconds, it depends. But then the list of wifi’s to which you have ever connected to from your PC will be shown. As follows: 

Then what we may do is simply typing in “netsh wlan show profile WIFI-NAME key=clear”
For example I’ll type “netsh wlan show profile Mac-XHIROS key=clear”

Then It may Appear this way…

The Password will simply be the “Key Content” which in this case is  “VILLA2015”

And that’s all For the day.. So One More little Hack than can be useful for someday. As usual, be wise in Its use, for a man is measured by the impact of its actions…
Stay Tuned For My Next Episode…
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