Cyber crime is a very malicious and increasingly growing crime, targeting governments, businesses and citizens. Cyber attacks by criminals, terrorists and overseas adversaries are becoming more and more sophisticated and thereby, difficult to tackle.
Even after investing a substantial budget for online security, no organization is in a position to define their systems foolproof or safe from cyber attacks. However, data security is absolutely vital for all businesses and can’t be ignored at any cost.

The adversaries indiscriminately target both private and public sector networks for reasons manifold: trade secrets, sensitive corporate data, research and development.
The motivations behind the commitment of such crimes can be many- ill-will, monetary gains, political interests or rivalry, or some unintentional curiosity.
Cyber attacks for ill-will or monetary gains are generally termed as cyber crime; on the other hand, attacks for political interests can be categorized as hacktivism or cyber terrorism.
Operational systems are being increasingly and easily targeted as many are built with weaker protocols that are as it is more vulnerable.

Also, the very characteristics of cyberspace i.e. the low marginal cost of online activity, the extensive reach of the internet and the relative anonymity of users, have lowered the costs of trespassing by eliminating certain barriers to enter and reduced the probability of getting caught.

However, some other characteristics of cyberspace itself provide some new opportunities to tackle these breaches.
The responses in turn, for example, the use of novel authorization and surveillance regimes to deter undesirable activity, have raised new concerns on issues relating to civil liberties, privacy, collective security and individual freedom.

Development and enforcement of effective laws, national security policies and practices is the need of the hour to efficiently deal with emerging cyber threats.
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Infographic: 10 cyber crimes

Have you ever withness or been a victim of any cyber crime?
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