Increasing  the money earned from adsense  is the target of every Adsense publishers or website owners who monetise with . There are several websites that talk of Google adsense alternatives.  In my opinion Google  Adsense still remain the best .

some traditional  methods had been existing for a long time now which has help publishes to receive high paying checks from Google.  It is time to make more money as an adsense publisher in this generation. This is thanks to the latest methods  put in place by the Google Adsense team to enable publishers earn even more with Adsense Ads.  Let us check out my five suggestions to make more money as a publisher of the generation of technology.

1. Matched Content
Match content offered by Google adsense is another feature available to Google Adsense users .  This is a new way to increase earnings with Google Adsense that is available to some publishers.
This feature helps website owners to increase the page views and  time spent on the website (Bounce rate) thus leading to an increase in impressions, clicks and revenue. Matched Content simply  recommendations of related articles or articles that will interest your website visitors.

It is important to note that not all publishers are eligible to use Match content . The exact number of  daily page views had not been said.

You can check if you can use the match content feature from your adsense account. This can be done by Clicking on setting and then checking match content on  My Sites. In some cases like in my case, You will receive an email from Google telling you that your website is  eligible for Match content.

2. Page Level Ads
Page Level gives you the opportunity to increase the number of ads displayed on your website to Mobile users.   This is thus one of the innovative methods to  make money with Adsense. The Code is very easy to set up. You can enable and disable Page Level ads without altering any code. There is an option available on your Adsense dashboard to turn this feature on and off.   There are two types of  page level ads;
 *The Anchor Ads Which shows at the bottom of the screen  and
*Vignette Ads that show on full screen  when users are on a mobile devices. Not that these ads are user friendly and  can easily be dismissed by the user.
3.  Increase Views by Taking Adsense 101  Courses
Take Adsense 101 Course on You Tube:  Learning is always good if you want to make the best our of any business. The Google Adsense Team has put in place a Series of Videos that you can follow up  earn more money with adsense.
The most important course is #Adsense 101-Viewability.

4. Book An appointment With An adsense Expert to Help you Out With Programmatic Tools.
 Programmatic tools can help increase your earnings with Google Advertisement Network.  This tools are brought to you thanks to Google Double Click.
Double Click  refers to  a business owned by Google. Double Click provides advertisers and publishers  the  technology that they need to create , manage and monetize  advertisements. Double click can be seen  as a business/technology  that combines the technology of Google Adsense for publishers) and Google Adwords( For Advertisers) in one place.  However each party will have to exploit this technology in a different way based on their various objectives.

By making use of Google Programmatic  advertising technology tools, adsense publishers can increase their page views, Use Real Time bidding to get the best ads, manage ads shown on their blogs  among others.   
Booking an appointment with Google's experts will  enable you to choose the best programmatic tool that will work well for your website , thus leading to an increase in revenue generated from advertisement( Adsense inclusive).

5. Try Out Double Click For Publishers.  

 Double Click for Publishers can be a great option to increase earning from Adsense.
 Double Click offers  products such as  : A campaign manager, bid manages, Rich Media ad manager and other digital marketing solutions as well as advertisement management solutions . Double Click for publishers is one among the Google programmatic tools mentioned above, that is easy to use.  This tool enables publishers to have  full control  of  the types of Ads that are shown on their websites.

Double click for publishers is thus an on line advertisement application that can be used serve ads and  deliver Ads  . Website owners and app developers can use  Double click for publishers  to create and Sell Online advertisement opportunities. Ads can also be served through be behavioural targeting, enabling publishers to serve quality ads on their websites which in return generate revenue to the publisher and the advertiser.

Programmatic tools are the Next generation Tools and Game changer in Digital Advertisement. It is Important to use such tools so that you can be a game changer among Adsense publishers.
Thanks for checking out our five innovative tips that can help you to boost your earnings with Google Adsense. It is very important to always be informed and updated. We have brought this up to add to the common methods  such as ad placements,ad types, content among other Adsense optimization techniques. In Order to make the best from adsense , tracking your account is also very important.All this had been made easy and possible thanks to tools like ; Google Publisher Tool bar, Google analytics, Video Suit Inspectors among others.

Do you have any Special Adsense monetising technique? See you at the comment section.

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  1. Thank you Ransom for always informing us. It seem Programmatic tools look very complicated to go about. I dont even know where to start with them. I have discovered so many new things in your post.

  2. Hi Ransom,
    very good article you have write,its will help me increase adsense earnings.


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