Most crptocurrencies like bitcoins,etherium ,one coin are obtained by mining. Swisscoin cryptocurrency is a brand new cryptocurrency  seen as the perfect alternative to bitcoin. Many people who had  sign up for  swisscoin get lost when it comes to the minning process. We here of free tokens offered when we purchase packages among others. Let us break down swisscoin mining here.

 The process by which your money in euros or dollar is converted to swisscoin is called minning. Swisscoin minning unlike other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and etherium is very easy . A system had been put in place to take care of that, reducing the solution of complex mathematical equations to have coins. 

In other to get the best in swisscoin minning, you must understand the different packages available, the tokens , the split  and the Split Indicator and difficulty level.
Swisscoin Packages

The minning of swisscoin starts with the purchase of packages. Swisscoin offers educational packages from 25 euros to 15 000 euros. You can see them as displayed below. You need to create a swisscoin account before buying packages.

To buy packages, go into your swisscoin account, Click on ''Shop'' and then on ''Buying packages''. On this page your select any pacakge of your choice.
Note that in order to buy a pacakge, you need to update the following information in your account.

i.                  First Name        ii. Last name     iii. Date of Birth 
  iv. Adress line 1         v. City                  vi. Zip code
  v. Mobile Numbe       vi.Passport or ID numbers
  vii. Expiry date of Identification document    viii. email: 

When you buy a Swiss coin pack, you money is converted to tokens which will later be converted to swisscoin.  As you can see on the screen shot each package corresponds to a given number of tokens. 250 euros (2500  tokens), 100 euros(1000 tokens), etc.  The higher the package the higher the tokens you will have which in return will give you more swisscoins. Note that whenever you sign up for swisscoin you receive 100 free tokens. 

SPLIT  in swisscoin
Split is the process in which your tokens are doubled.
The Mining of the Coins happens in SPLITS, then your Token get changed to SwissCoins.

A minimum  1 split  can occur  and a  maximum of 3 splits, depending on the pack you purchased.
 A SPLIT is a level of producing a limited amount of coins. As soon as this amount is reached the next SPLIT will start to producing (mining) coins.
 Let us see  the different splits for depending on your package.

-With the 25 to 500  pack, you will have 1 split.  That means your tokes will double.
-With the 1000 to 7,500 comes with 2 splits.  This means your tokens will get 4 times your tokens.

Lastly with the  10,000 and above comes with 3 splits.  Meaning you will get 8 times the tokens in your package.
Again the higher your pacakge the higer your tokens. Now we have the tokens what is next?

The Split Indicator and the Difficulty Level

These two determine the number of coins you will have at the end of the mining process. 

The split Indicator is a scale that ranges from 0-100 percent in your swisscoin account. When the split indicator reaches 100, the final split occurs. During this final split your tokens are converted to swisscoin. The number of swisscoins you will have will depend on the difficulty level. If the difficulty level is 4 as is the case now, then you will have to divide your tokens by 4 to give the corresponding number of swisscoin. 

After  the split indicator reaches 100% the difficulty level increases making the mining difficult. This means you will get a lower number of coins. 

 Let us illustrate the swisscoin mining process  with the 1000 euro pack and a difficulty level of 4. 
 If you purchased the 1000 euros package you will have 10 00 tokens.
This package has two splits. after the first split you will have 20 000 tokens
Final split (second split) you will have 40 000 tokens.
when the indicator hits 100 percent then we will divide the token by the difficulty level which is 4 in this case. This means we will have 40 000/4 giving us 10 000 swisscoin.

At the moment i am writing this post,the price of swisscoin stands at  0.15 Euro.  This means your swisscoin is worth  1500 euros.  
when 1 swisscoin=1 euros ,you will get 10 000 euros
1 swisscoin= 5 euros you will get  50 000 euros
1swisscoin=10 euros you will get 100 000 euros.
and you can dream as big as you want.
The value of swisscoin like any other cryptocurrency is determined by demand and supply. We expected this to be higher given the high demand for swisscoin.

                               When can i start Mining
 My response is now. 1.6 billion swisscoins were made available for miners since June 2016. At the moment i am writing this post 900 000 000 coins had been bought. This  all happened in 6 months.Thus the 700 000 000 Coins available can be bought in less than 8 months. If you missed it now, then you will have to buy from those who participated in the early mining stage.
  You have the choice to become a buyer or seller of swisscoin. It is a privilege to be part of history. The mining of swisscoin is automated and we have every little to worry about.  
Here is how you will get it

It is left for you now. You can either become the buyer or the seller.
 Swisscoin is a double opportunity for those who like to make money online.
email: , whatsapp: +237676664922 to join my team

How do i get started?
Register for swisscoin under a team or member (Sign up), buy packs and that's all. You need a gmail,Yahoo o any other valid email to get started. You are equally required to verify your account in the KYC section .  Swisscoin is the perfect bitcoin alternative. Many people missed the bitcoin opportunity. Don't make that same mistake today. When i look into my mind, i see the value of 1 swisscoin =250 euros. You have the choice to take risk or regret.
To join my team email me at or  whatsapp +237676664922. 
         You can equally Create your account by

Thanks for reading. The basics of mining is
buy packages,obtain tokens,double tokens and get swisscoin.  
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