Swiss coin is a new cryptocurrency just like bitcoins ;master coin;namecoin among other. At the moment the highest cryptocurrency is bit coin. Swisscoin is the cryptocurrency that will correct the bitcoin error.

Swisscoin is offering opportunitoes for everyone to invest in cryptocurrency and make money. It is  not  a get rich quick scheme. Swiss coin is just the perfect alternative to bit coin because it has solve the problem of anonymous user which business owners did not like. Swisscoin is a multimillion business.

Anyone can take part and benefit.   Some people who have sign up for this business  are not familiar with the terms on the back office. In this post, i will share some terms you can find in the back office and what they actually mean.
I am assuming you already have a swisscoin account. If you don't have one 
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to join my network and team of dedicated members all over the world.
We will take 

  The rectangles on the Home page(DashBoard)
1. Coin Piece: This indicated the number of swisscoins you have in your account.
As you can see on the screenshot, there are 4100 coins in this account plus 100 free coins.  The coins are stored in the swisscoin Account.

2. Tokens: Token are given to you when your buy swisscoin training packs. These tokens are then converted to swisscoin in an automated mining process after the slit.
For example if you pay 250 euros. you will be given 2500 tokens, 100 euros(1000 tokens etc). Tokens are stored in the swisscoin wallet.

3. E-Wallet: This is an electronic wallet that shows the amount of money that you have in your account. You can put money in your e-wallet using bitcoin,skrill,paypal ,and others. Money is equally added in your E-wallet whenever someone buys a pack. You can equally get all swisscoin bonuses into your e-wallet.
This money can be withdrawn ,transferred to other swisscoin members or used to buy  siwsscoin trading packs.

3. Split Indicator :
The split Indicator is like a timer  with scale from 0-100 percent. This indicates when a split will occur.  Split is the process where tokens are converted to siwsscoins. Whenever there is a split(Split indicator=100%) your tokens are doubled. After every split the difficulty level increases( less swisscoins available for a given amount). It is always good to buy your swisscoin packs before the indicator reaches 100 percent to avoid inconveniences.

4. Difficulty Level: I have mentioned how your buy packs, get tokens and when tokens are converted to coins.
The difficult level indicates the ratio of a tokens to  1 swisscoin.  At the moment i am writing this post, the difficulty level is 4.
What does this mean?
4 tokens=1swisscoin after the split indicator reaches 100%.
 Lets do some simple maths
   Let us assume you bought a 250 euros pack( 25000 tokens).
when split indicator reaches 100 percent, total tokens=5000
Number of coins=5000/4=1250 coins.
At the moment when the difficulty level reaches 100, we will have 5000/100=50coins.
The earlier you make a purchase the better because you will have more coins pieces.  That is what we need. 900 000 000 Swisscoins had been bought since it was launched in June. About 700 000 000 million left. Make sure you get involved.

5. Career Staus:This indicated the extent to which you have build a team in the swisscoin business. Whenever you register someone you are given business volumes(BVS). if you hit 1000 BV you are called the jade . To acahive this you need to sponsor two people. Buy at least the 250 euros pack if your really want to succeed in building a team. If your Jade is able to sponsor another Jade(5000 qualifying BVs) , you a given the PEARL leader ship rank. with  a 100 euros reward.

                                      Swisscoin Leadership Ranks and Reward in euros



100,- €

 250,- €


, 500,- €


   1.000,- €

    2.000,- €


   5.000,- €,


,    10.000,- €


   20.000,- €


    100.000,- €


     200.000,- €

,    1.400.000,- €  



6.Acdemy Level: 

 Swisscoin cryptocurrency business offers educational packs ranging from 25 euros to 15 000 at the moment is am writing this post. The different academic levels correspond to the  pack your bought. some of the levels include Trainee,Tester,Trader,Broker,Manager and Director. For details about this, sign into your swisscoin account and click on shop==>Buy Packs.

7.Transaction password: 

This password helps in preventing unwanted transaction on your swisscoin account. It helps protect your money ,swisscoin and tokens. This password is always sent to your email. If you don't know this password, you wont be able to transfer money .                                       

Thank you for reading.  I wrote this post based on the questions i received from my team members. If you have any other  term that you don't understand in the swisscoin business, feel free leave a comment. What other term do you need more explanations so far as the swisscoin business is concerned?

To join me team email me at Only serious people please. 

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