Google adsense is a recurring income source . Those who are wants to earn through Adsense require to undergo through a process which involves creation of account, approval and verification of account.  As the economy is getting hard the best way to make money is by having a Residual or passive income. With online income, you make money when you are at sleep and even when you are dead. But with the linear income which we get paid through salaries, we only make money when we work.

In this post we are going to see how to verify your adsense acclount and more specifically in Cameroon. 
  Here is an email, i received from an Adsense earner in Cameroon

 I am currently in , Cameroon.

I registered for my google Adsense in June in Cameroon and  got approved (first step) using my Address in Cameroon and had been earning from it but have not made my first withdrawal since then and i have surpass threshold amount and currently due for withdrawal.

But the issue now is that my i have not been able to receive my PIN to confirm my google Adsense i have requested twice without result coming fourth just recently google placed a notification that 
"You have been given less than a month to Confirm your Pin or ads will not be served on your site"

 For the benefit of others, we will see how the pin verification process is done and what to do if you have not received your pin code.

                       Google Adsense  Account Verification with Pin code

After account approval, you need to verify your account with the Google Pin. In order to be eligible for pin verification, you must have earn at least  $ 10   .
To request for your pin, all you need is a valid adress where the pin can be shipped to you. According to Google, it can take 1-4 weeks depending on your location.
Instructions to enter your pin are found inside the  adsense pin mailer.

The envelope looks like this

Once you receive the pin code. Login to your adsense accont and enter it.

From the date that your pin is generated, you have up to 4 months to validate the pin sent to you. It took me 2-3 weeks to receive my pin code in Cameroon. If you have not received this pin in four weeks, it is advisable to request another pin. It is single pin for an asdsense account. In fact i requested two and received both. To request for a new pin
,-Login to you adsesne account
 -Click on settings,
Account information
- verify Address.

                    What if i am not able to receive Adsense Pin code?
Click on Action to Proceed

This is the problem our friend is being faced with. If you cannot receive this code, then it is not the end of the world.  Some of us stay in the interior areas which make parcel delivery very difficult. You still have another option to do the verification process.

                             How to Verify your Adsense account without a pin  

 You can verify your adsense account with your official documents like  Utility bills, bank statements, etc.
According to Google, those who are eligible will receive a notice on their home page.

                                           Here is how to go about it?
i.                    Login to Google adsense account
ii.                  Click on action if you have the  notification in red in your account as seen on the screen shot
iii.                Fill in all details correctly and accurate.
iv.                Select Documentation instead of Pin
v.                  Upload your documents. Preferred format is in PDF.
vi.                Submit and wait for the reply from the Adsense team.

Hope this helps. Leave a comment if you have any questions or contributions.
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  2. Thanks for your post, Please I wish to know the correct format of a post address, where Google can send me my verification code. I am in cameroon and I have not yet receive my code..May be there is an error in the address. Thanks


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