Its is another moment to benefit from special offers and promotions the internet service provider  in Cameroon.  from Vodafone Cameroon is finally here with its first shop in Douala .  The company will today 10/06/16 make it launch its actvities available to the public.  This launching will be accompanied with promotions and special offers that will benefit Cameroonians.


The first shop located in Douala ( 2nd flooor , Centre Commercial Atrium) will be open to all from 9 am to 8 pm. You can become a vodafone customer by visiting the shop  . The shop will be open from monday to Saturday. Customers will be able to benefit from Long term Evolution  (4G LTE ) among other products and services .

Pre-registered  and new members will benefit from the Giga life offer from now till the 16th of October 2016. This offer is 2GB of internet at 2 950 XAF,valid for 30 days.   If you have preregistered then it is time  to benefit from the Giga life Friend Benefit  promotion which will come after the 16th of October.

Now that the company is operational , we will need to know where,how and what to get from this company. 

Let get started with
   Vodafone Cameroon Online and on the Web
Official website:
facebook page :


The official hashtag  on social media for vodafone Cameroon promotion is #JeCreeTomorrow family!
Most poular promotional Video:
You have the power to be whatever you want to be.

Tu as le pouvoir d'être ce que tu veux être.
Posted by Vodafone Cameroon on Monday, October 3, 2016

Online shop :

        What does the company has to say?
For some time now our telecom companies had been telling us what they got with a tag line aftre their brand name. 

 MTN  Cameroon says ''everywhere you go''     and that ''Eto'o peut''
Camtel says ''The best is still to  come''
Orange  Cameroon is telling us ''Life changes with Orange''
Nexttel  Cameroon keep telling us that  there are ,  '' The  best 3G network in Cameroon''
Vodafone Cameroon  has come and is saying ''Power to you'' 
 Are you willing to take power? If yes, then get started by visiting the  Vodafone shop.  Vodafone is now offering its services to you. Oh yes ! 

             Location of  Vodafone Cameroon  head Office
The head office is in Douala . Here is the adress
Immeuble Kadji Port de Douala, Rue 1033, Bonanjo, Douala
B.P. 8815 Douala – Cameroon.

Vodafone shops will be open in other parts of the country soon. 

                     What will Customers Benefit?
To summarize it all, Customers will be able to buy data bundles and interner devices in any Vodafone shop in the country. We will  keep you updated with the products and services  of this new telecom company in Cameroon. 
What does it takes to become a Vodafone  Cameroon Customer?

All you have to do is ,visit the vodafone shop with a valid identification and subscibe to a service or purcahse a product. 
  There we go. we know where to company is ,how to contact the company, where to buy their products  and their website. So no more worries, vodafone Cameroon is oeprational with their first shop in Douala.  The first shop is in Douala. It is not the only shop . 

 Shop Vodafone Products Online at


 Another Vodafone shop can be found a in Yaounde , Marche central Opposite Immeuble ZIKO. 
 The products will be availble to partners and resellers very soon.

While waiting for the next stop of Vodafone in the country, Douala and Younde  is the only place  for now.
    what  are your expectations for  vodafone?

 As for me  i wish that people in the rural areas should be able to benefit from their services . 
what about you?
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