In my last post we saw bill boards as an option of advertisment and as a better option for outdoor advertisement. After talking much on Bill boards, we considered giving you some reason why bill boards are important in promoting your business,brand,service or product in Cameroon. Let us get to some of the reasons i am able to write out:
Most popular brand and  most popular political  party that are making use of Billboards

1. Bill boards will always call the attention of anyone. Since they beautify the streets many will always get their eyeballs to it .

2. Bill boards can be used to connect with the local population directly. No need for too much text. Just a good picture with product name is ok to get the attention of anyone.

3. Bill boards wcan be used as a means to target a particular group of people.

4. This is a good way to make use of the traffic in towns. In every lie is a truth. While the car owners are stuck in traffic, there are left with no other option than to look around. Where do you think their eyeballs will land on?
In Douala  there are  things that can get the attention of a driver when in traffic: a beautiful girl,at people fighting or on  a bill board. What about you region?

5. It is just another way to make use of digital technology. In addition to the normal bill boards that we see on the streets, there are other bill boards that are in the form of a flat screen television. It can get the attention of customers and why not increase your sale?

6. It might be boring and become interseting or just become interesting.When you ad is one a bill board in a particular area of the town, it will remain on that position for the length or period that you want your campaign to run. Those who like it will be seeing it and those who hate it will equally be seeing it. This might tempt the ''haters'' to like your brand giving you a +1 in customer aquisition.
Go to in kumba and Deido and try this!

7. This is a better option to other outdoor advertisment. Sharing flyers , talking to people with the mouth etc will be on the second position if you try using bill boards.

8. Bill boards especially electronic bill boards is a ''wow'' in your business and many will like to try your product because after the ''wow'' comes the question what is it?
what do you think will be next?
of course i will like to try it should be next. Bingo you got another client.

9. If you cnsider making a short campaign, then a bill board is a good option. But what if you are interested in along tem campaign?
 Just think twice or request help in the comment section.
Electronic Bill board showing ads in the Night

10. It is good to advertise in areas where there is no electricity. If you consider getting the attention of those in areas where there is no electricity then using bill boards will be a great way. People are always moving from the villages to the cities. They will probably like to buy what they've heard about or seen when they arrive the city. It can be the picture of  maggi on a bill board  and why not your brand too?

There might be one hundred reasons to use bill boards, but dont be carried away by the reasons. Online advertisemnet strategise like use of adwords,facebook,blogs,websites and other equally remain a great way to get some online users on your product.Consider the type of product you have and those you want them to see or buy (Your target) before taking the decision to advertise on billboards. Online advertisements over the past years had been the best way to get your brand expose,generate leads and even make conversions with a very little budget .Splitting your advertisemnt budget into two (offline and online ads ) can be a great way to understand where your clients are found.

   The new name that is rocking the world is mobile advertisment which can be used to target mobile phone users in the world or your country. 
Which method of advertisemnt do you think is the bste and why?
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  1. Yeah! Ofcourse billboard is also the best way to advertise..


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