Internet subscribers are constantly searching online for the cheapest internet bundle and at times free internet where possible. We have many post on this blog on Free Internet . you can check them out for more details.
Some names when it comes to internet connection in Cameroon include:,MTN Cameroon, Orange Cameroon, Camtel,Nexttel Cameroon,Creolink, SNS mobility, YooMEe and other not mentioned. If there is any you know about kindly drop the name on our comment section.

Ok,today we are going to see which telecoms companies providing mobile Internet has the best tariff plan. We are going to make our comparism based on the weekly and daily internet plans. We will equally check out what they got to offer when it comes to the social bundles and why not weekend bundles .
We will equally make our comparism using Orange,MTN and Nexttel networks.

  Daily Bundles (MTN VS Orange VS NEXTTEL)

 MTN daily internet tariff

100 F=50 MB
250 FCFA=150 MB
500 FCFA=350 MB
   orange Cameroon daily internet Bundles

204 FCFA=170 MB
306 FCFA=250  MB
510 FCFA=500 MB

Nexttel daily internet plans

100  FCFA=100 MB
150 FCFA=150 MB
250 FCFA=250  MB
500  XAF= 500 MB

What we have to say about this.
for the three tech companies we have we are able to buy internet at 100 FCFAif we are subscribers of MTN and Nexttel. This point eliminates orange in the game.
For the remaining two we can see that NEXTTEL MB are almost double those of NEXTTEL.
In conclusion we crown NEXTTEL as the winner for the cheapest daily internet bundles in Cameroon. Let us get to the weekly bundles
  MTN vs Orange Vs Nexttel for weekly internet bundles
 MTN: 1000 XAF= 500 MB
             2000  XAF=1.5G

 All weekly bundles go with a bonus of  whatsapp data. 

Orange: 1300 XAF= 500 MB
               2040 XAF= 600 MB

Nexttel: 2000 XAF=1024 MB

 No need to talk much here. We see clearly that MTN and Nexttel are in the laed here with MTN CAmeroon being number one in mobile internet weekly bundles starting from 1000 FCFA.

Social Bundles (Whatsapp and Facebook)
Since I use the internet to make money I rarely use the social plan because it restrict me to two or three websites. All the networks offer social bundle some even at 100 FCFA. If you need to know more leave me an email on

   Let us know Your favorite plans for internet  in the comment sectiom ( daily,hourly,social,weekly ,monthly or week end Bundles).

  Here we go so what is the
Best daily internet rates:Nexttel
Best weekly internet rates: MTN
Week end bundles : Available for all three networks with
 This still leave us to a 1:1 tie. We have no choice at thi point to check out the monthly  internet  tariff plans for MTN and Nexttel since Orange is eliminated. Who si the winner?

         Which of these Netwoks offer the Cheapest Monthly tariff plans?

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  2. Thanks I was wondering if they all have thesame browsing speed. I have been using the nexttel weekly subscription and MTN clearly offers more data for thesame price. But which is faster?

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