Joining swisscoin is one of the best decisions i have made this year. Swisscoin is new cryptocurrency that has come with a two in one opportunity for investors and online marketers. I am not a fan of MLM programs. However I like adventuring especially when it comes to making money online. I usually recommend building an online business with time, but  I always get clients who wants to make money online in three days or one week. I am left with no choice than to recommend you an MLM program I trust.It is
But I saw something different in the swisscoin business which I hope it will be a reality and just make my dream come true. 

This is not the first MLM program I have put my money into. I have lost hundreds of dollars in some programs which I foresaw will bring me much cash, but the companies end up closing up, deleting account or holding funds I have made.  In my opinion, in order to earn big we must take some risk. I will bring forward some few reasons why I joined the swiss coin crypto business.

i.                    Signing up is free, no credit card umber required like in most make money online programs.
ii.                  Multiple payments methods such as Payeer,OKPay, Bitcoins ,credit card and Pay Pal
iii.                Through some research I was able to get name, registration number and location of Swiss coin company. 
These are enough reasons to join swisscoin.  But let us see some more.
iv.                I know you should be asking me the details right now! Here there are
  -  SwissCoin is a product of the Swiss company Euro-Invest Solution GmbH – under Veto Concept
 -The  company is located Erich-Zeigner-Allee 13 in 04229 Leipzig,
 company is a consulting partner of Euro Solution GmbH ( with the development of the concept and the platform, they are all supporting the start-up phase.
– Mr. Hans Werner Marquetant is Chairman of the veto-Concept AG– The domain and the bank account in Germany runs on Euro-Invest Consult GmbH in Leipzig
-The company had been registered since since 27.05.2003 in the Commercial Register under number HRB Leipzig 19766th
     There is a location, a manager, a business bank account and registration number which is convincing that this is real business.
v.                  The possibility of making millions from my investment. My little encouraging words arev  ’’No risk no money’’. Well the risk is low , let say you invested 50 euros in the swiss coin business . 
What you will get is 500 tokens + 100 free tokens=600 tokens.
At the moment you can the tokens are converted to swisscoin in the ration1:4. This means you buy 1 swisscoin with 4 tokens. Note that this is done automatically.
If  by the grace of God the value of swiss coin rises to the same value as bitcoin(1 bitcoin= about $600 +)

That means we will make 600*600=360 000 $.

Is this possible? 

The answer is yes.

  In 2009 a Norwegian by name Kristoffer Koch invested 27$ in bitcoins. This landed him to $886 000 in 2013.  Bit coin was considered as a scam in those days. But he took the risk and even forgot about it.  If you are in Africa you will have to multiply that again with some figure to get the value in your local currency.
Whoops that can end poverty.It is possible for you to explode with cash  if you invest in swiss coin.

vi.                Using one stone to shoot two birds

 There are other ways to earn with the swiss coin business. In addition to making money with the tokens, there are other ways to earn with swisscoin.
Referral commissions, team bonus,  matching bonus and others. If you are serious about your business, you will make hundreds or even thousands of dollars before making the hundreds of thousands or millions in the future.  I am currently making money by funding accounts with Swiss coin.
There are many other reason i considered in addition to these main ones. Some include security checks, SSL certification, support and training. If you consider the business as risky, then all I can say is it what you will make is worth the risk.

Well I have made what I invested I just look forward to seeing the business as generate some Cash for me in the future.  If it’s real then I am the next millionaire.  If not then I will have to stay positive.  You can still make money with swisscoin by building a team. You can make up to 10 000  euros with swisscoin if you can build a team.
To join my team shoot me and email  here

 What is your opinion?
  If you want to join my team  then send me
your email and user name to help you with the registration . If you know how to go about it,then copy and paste the following link into a new tab

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  3. Whne you stay positive, then you will make a whole from swisscoin


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