Jumia in its mission to connect African consumers and entrepreneurs to do business together has taken another level this year uniting the top online plat forms in Cameroon under the brand Jumia. Jumia.cm had been the number online shop in Cameroon acquiring many clients and awards when it comes to e-commerce in Cameroon.   It  is one of the online shops to buy phones laptops,shoes and why not cehck for tech careers in Cameroon.

Today Kaymu.cm, HelloFood,Vendito jovago and carmudi had been rebranded to have the name Jumia as follows:

Kaymu.cm becomes market.jumia.cm for buying and selling products online( Jumia market)
vendito.cm is now deals.jumia.cm for classified ads in Cameroon. (Jumia Deal)
Lamudi.cm is now house.jumia.cm for real estate (Jumia House)
jovago.cm points to travel.jumia.cm for hotel reservation in Cameroon ( Jumia Travel)
Hello food  is one of Jumias product not found in Cameroon. It is now  Jumia Food.

It is  important to note that all these companies/plat forms are owned by the Africa internet Group. It is thus a wise decisison to give their products a unique name. With the Africa Internet Group now called Jumia. All businesses owned by jumia now have the brand name attached.
Jumia has not acquire vendito,kaymu,hellofood,jovagoand carmudi as many are saying. it is just a rebranding.Service quality will remain the same . 
 Users can now access all the plat forms witha single  account making it easy .No need for different password.
   Note that this is not the only company that operates in this mannner. MTN,Amazon,Google,Orange and others comanpanies with mulit-products always keep their brand name on all their products. Traffic to jumia.cm will equally increase, increasing the online authority and rank jumia.cm alexa rank not inclusive.


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