The   ‘’wifi turn off ‘’ problem on windows 8 computers is very common today. I have had this problem three times.  This is why I have to share the different solutions I found to this problem.
 Here are some things that might be causing this problem

i.                     You accidentally turn off  Wifi or enable Air plane Mode
ii.                   You recently did and upgrade from windows 7 to 8 ( Make sure all drivers are updated before following the suggested solution in this post)

Solution One  :

Step # 1 Press the windows logo  key + I

Step #2: click on  Settings at the bottom right as indicated on the screen shot
Step#3: click on wireless
 Then Turn on wifi.  Don’t forget to come back and say ‘’Yes it worked for me’’
This works very well if you had been using wifi on your computer.

Make sure Air plane mode is not Activated.
Permit me for the screen shots. My operating system is in French , but I hope  they will help.

Solution #2
Restart your Computer and safe mode with network.

Solution #3
Restart computer and click on F10 (BIOS) ===F9 (Default settings)=====Save & Exit.

Solution   #4
Click on the signal Icon on the bottom left of your screen and turn off ‘’Air Plane mode’’.
    If know of this worked for you then verify if network adapters are enabled.
To do this,
ð  click windows logo + Q
   =Type Device Manager in the search bar and Click on it
   ==Click on Network adapters to enable it if it was disabled.
       Let me know if you got another solution or just let me know if this worked for you.

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