Send 500 FCFA TO 676664922 or 698827699 to get your reults in your phone or email
Hello to you all. Every year RANSBIZ always help all with GCE results.  This year had been a challenging year to the young ones looking forward to say good bye to uniforms, beatings from the DMs, morning devotions and others.

We welcome every successful candidate and we equally look forward to let you have a taste of the innovation we got here.
What about the results?

This year the results are made available through the mobile phones. We are outing efforts to get them so that we can make them available to those who get in touch by email.

We will make the results live on our website provided we have the authorisation to do so .
For  the main time make sure you sent your details to 8006 MTN and Orange  on time .
 I am available for updates here
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