Paying bills had never been this easy. You can now pay your electricity bills in many ways both online and offline. In this post, we have classified the payment methods in to three categories;Offline,Mobile and Online

Offline Payment Method(1-5)
==The first and famous way to pay your bill offline is by visiting the nearest ENEO commercial center.
== Another way to pay your bills offline is by doing it in your banking institutions.  You can pay ENEo bills  with Smobilpay partners which include banking intuitions like;  EB-ACCION, NFC Bank, FODEC, Instant Transfer, NOFIA, REFACMIC, Azire Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (AziCCUL), Kumba central credit Union Ltd (KuCCUL),  Ntarinkon credit Union Ltd (NtaCCUL), UNICS PLC,Rural Investment Credit (RIC), Summit Financial Credit, USA Credit and Others.  
== Your electricity bills can now be paid at any Express Union branch. Express union has a variety of branches in both the rural and urban areas which permit ENEO subscribers to pay their bills with ease.
==Express Exchange is not left out. You can pay your ENEO bill at any Express Exchange counter. Payment is effected upon presentation of your bill and the amount to be paid.
== Lastly you can use agents and Bill collectors to pay your bills.

Mobile Payment : Pay your Bills Using  your mobile phone(6-8)
 Mobile payment is the talk of the day in Cameroon with MTN and Orange in the lead with their Mobile money services.   You can conveniently pay your bills from your mobile phone in Cameroon.  We  have three major ways to pay bills with mobile phones: Express union mobile, Orange Money and MTN mobile Money.

Express Union
You can Pay your bills using a mobile phone with  express union in two ways.
i.                    By Using SMS
To do this, you must have an active Express union Mobile account.Here are the steps to follow: 
=Go to the message menu on your   mobile phone to create new message
=Type the syntax
                               PF (spacing) 100004001 (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN
                              E.g PF  100004001 11547665542 0011
=send to 8081 and wait for confirmation.
ii.                  By using the Express union(EU)  Mobile App on Google Play .
Payment here is very easy to go by for clients with an express union mobile account.
-Install the app,
-Launch it anytime you want to pay bills enter details and
 -Get your receipt at any EU branch.
Payment of Bills with Orange Money
In order to pay your bills with orange money;
-You should have an active Orange money account (Recommended).
-You should know your orange contract and bill number
 -You should know your ENEO contract and bill number.

To pay your bill, simply dial #150*3# and ok.
Select any of the options below and proceed to payment.

*pay/check with a registered account
*pay/check with the bill number
*Register your account number
Reply with the number  that correspond to these options.
You can also pay with the mobile money app too.
Bills with MTN Mobile money
To pay ENEO bills with MTN mobile  money, you will need to (8-10)
1.      Have An active MTN mobile money account
2.      Know your ENEO contract and Bill number
3.      Have an amount greater than the bill you want to pay because you will need to pay for charges. This goes for all electronic payment methods.
To pay your bills,
- Dial *126*1#
- Select Pay Bills
-Select ENEO bills or MTNC Postpaid Bill
-Enter account number, proceed to amount and enter PIN to confirm

Online Payment Methods
In my last post, I wrote on how to ENEO bills Online .You can check this out to get more details on online payment of bills. Here are the online methods we can use as of now
1.      MTN mobile Money( For Mobile Money subscribers)
This online payment method is useful for those having.
To do this ,
Login to Mtn Mobile money Web Platform
Procced to Pay bills and Follow instructions
You will still need your mobile phone to authorize the transaction. 
2.      MBOASU (
This online plat form allows you to pay bills online using a credit card. It is best for Cameroonians in the Diaspora who wish to pay bills for their friends and relatives.  You can also pay on this site using pay pal.
         We have come to the end of this post. We have seen 5 ways offline,3 by mobile and 2 online which all together gives 10 as I promised in the post title.
    The game changer when it comes to Bill payment in Cameron is smobil Pay which allows ENEO clients to pay bills offline and online through authorized partners.  Bills can be paid using authorized partners on mobile phones and computers. 
In the next Post we will compare the cost of Paying ENEO bill with the top 5 ENEO Partners

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