In my last post, I gave an overview of the Africa e-business forum which took place in Douala from the 11-13th of May at Hotel Valee De prince and ESSEC campus simultaneously.
You can read more about the Forum here:
Day three ended up with the Afrikebiz Award.
Let us get a brief on what the AfrikeBiz ward is all about
Best  E-commerce website in Cameroon 2016

 What is Afrikebiz?
Afriebiz, full meaning African E-business Is a plat form that that promote e-commerce and epayments.

With  a network all over the world.  Afrikebiz has partnered with ministry of post and telecommunication, the National agency for technology and communication to promote e-commerce and e-payment in Cameroon. 


The afrike ebiz award is thus an award aim at bringing together the different actors in the development of e-commerce and e-paymnet in Cameroon. It is created to promote the application and use of technology in the development of the economy of Africa and Cameroon. It is an award meant to expose those creating the real ‘’android generation’’ 

Winners of Afrikebiz award
Participating in this event give startups the opportunity to get sponsors, meet partners and grow their business at low cost through solutions provided by Cameroon based companies. 

Below are the following categories and companies that were rewarded for doing a great job so far as e-commerce, e-payment and mobile payment is concern in Cameroon. 

1.    The best  mobile e-payment plat  start up for the year 2015 in Cameroon was awarded to
Nominees in this category included payway, afrikpay , Abyster.
2.    Best e-commerce company in Cameroon was awarded to
3.    The best classified ad site in Cameroon was awarded to
                       ‘’ AFRIBABA’’
4.    The best e-commerce site overall award was given to

5.    The best Mobile Application of the year 2015   award was received by
              ‘’ SUKOLU’’
6.    The best online payment solution   was awarded to
     United Bank of Africa(UBA) Cameroon
7.    Best startup of the year 2015 award went to
8.    The best innovation that created an impact on the economy of Cameroon was awarde to Artur Zang,s
9.    Best innovation of the year 2015 was awarded to
       ‘’LE GRAND PROF’’
10.                    The best company offering postal services in Cameroon was awarded to
Companies that were nominated in this category included

In this post we have mentioned just ten categories. Other categories were equally awarded but these are the ones that were of interest to us. If you are interested in the full award list drop us an email to get it in pdf. Long live E-commerce in Cameroon.

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