The use of social media by the teens is increasing in leaps and bounds and it carries serious threats to the teenagers. Various crimes are the outcomes of abrupt use of social media apps. Parents should install the monitoring apps on the devices of their teens to monitor them and ensure their safety.

Parents should be aware that their teens are exposed to the most dangerous apps and websites of this time and age. Buying teens digital devices can be in their favors and against them as well but what matters is the smartphones and other devices should be used wisely. Spending a lot of time on social media, communicating with anonymous users and revealing personal information is what teens often do but this is where they are trapped and used for multiples wrong uses by the cyber bullies and social media criminals.

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids

source: theonespy/ how to Make Sure Your Kids is Safe on the Internet with TheOneSpy

The current states presented in TheOneSpy’s infographic are more than a shock that teens are not safe at all and parents must come up with defensive strategies to secure their children. Best practice to overcome the issues and minimize use of social media apps by kids is to advise them use internet in your presence and deploy monitoring applications to check out their activities on the social media.

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