Managing a business, or being a parent may have some similarities in a sense to monitor the employees. Today the business owners use these Smartphone apps and manage their business and have it grow their business all across the world, they use spy apps such as TheOneSpy and use other marketing apps to make their business well managed. The social media is not a limited area of usage. With the help of it, people all across the world have made millions of dollars in a year. You can use your cell phone to feel the social media revolution as it helps you be a good employer or a godparent. 
Marketing a few years back was too easy. There was not so much media, no internet just the newspapers and the TV ads, etc. but today the social media the internet has made it all so difficult. The scene is now much more intense and competitive. There are many apps that can be installed to ensure that your social media marketing campaigns are successful. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can work on to be a good businessman:
1.    Long gone are the days of LAN if you are using LAN and there problems with it no need to worry. With the help of the Smartphone 3G or 4G internet, you have you can get the fastest connectivity. Connect your phone’s internet to the laptop and start using the best internet. 

2.    Managing business also means to know where the customers are coming from. If you want to monitor the tweets, then you can download some apps and programs available that will help you know the locations of the users from all over the world. 

3.    Search for apps on Google play store for fun apps and the apps that will allow you to manage your business efficiently. There are budget calculators and many other financial apps available that can help with the firm and social media integration.

4.    There are many apps that can be installed on cellophane that will allow you to send bulk emails or SMS. This is also a part of marketing the business. Today sending SMS may not be enough you can use different social media via the phone to reach the customers. 

5.    Use of the Instagram is another great way to introduce the products or services.
6.    Manage of online employees can be a difficult task in today’s time, making sure that they are working with their heart and not wasting time you can install some spy apps such as Life360 or TheOneSpy to monitor their mobiles. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can work on and use these to be a good parent:
Keeping an eye on children is the must. You can use your social media to make sure what they are doing. It is easy you can also use the spying apps and monitor them. There are few parents who will not want to do that, not to spy. So there is an interesting way.

 Keep the social media on the watch; add them your children to your social profiles so that you can keep track of their moves. This is how you can manage them easily and be a good parent. The use of technology has many perks. With the different ways and means and applications today you can do whatever you like. Have for the kids some real rules for using phones or computers. This way it will make keep them safe and sound. 
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Bella is tech geek as well as a Content manager and Social Media enthusiastic. She is extremely passionate and result driven professional. She writes for TOS blog. Follow her on twitter @bellaryan8901

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