Mobile cell phones have become one of the most crucial parts of our hectic life. You virtually feel incomplete if you do not own a mobile phone in the present day world. In the early days, majority of the individuals were using landline phones & feared of using cell phones due to high calling rates. On contrary, in the present day age and world, it would be very difficult to imagine a life without cell phones.

Cell phones are nowadays quite affordable & also the amount we’re required to pay is very small when you compare it to the benefits which we get from these small gadgets. Nevertheless, one of the most common questions that people ask is, whether cell phones are superior as compared to the landlines. The major advantage of using a cellular phone over a landline phone is that you are able to carry them at almost every place you travel. Cell phones make communication way more easy as a person is able to communicate from any part of the world at any instance!

Mobile cell phones have made it very easy to instantly call a person in case of emergency situation. Besides, general convenience, personal safety, and the ability to stay connected with your family members and friends are some other reasons which make them something worth every penny.

Landline phones lag way behind when you compare their features to the ones offered by cell phones side by side. Mobile phones have simplified the things further and shrunk the earth into a global community. At present, no 2 individuals are far from each other as long as they’re carrying a cellular phone with them.

Cell phones are portable, lightweight, easily link to the web and come with several additional features making life better and simpler. A cell phone is equal to a calculator, watch, notepad, MP3 Player, camera, organizer, etc. In short, it is a wireless gadget with maximum connectivity and  range.

Mobile phones (basic and smart phones) have certainly shoved off the market of landlines to a huge extent. Nevertheless, you need to also take into account your requirements prior to picking any one of these.

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