MTN Cameroon is one of the richest companies in Cameroon. This company is commonly known as a telecom company or as an Internet Service Provider. Mtn is an innovative company that response to the reactions of its clients no matter the domain. MTN Cameroon touches more than 10 domains in Cameroon including gambling. In this post we will see some of the services we can beefit from MTN Cameroon.
1.     MTN Banking (Mobile payments)
MTN Cameroon offers a banking services which allows subscribers to save money, send money and do purchases offline or online for good and services. This service is commonly known as MTN Mobile Money (MMMo). This banking solution is available for any individual with an MTN number. Registration for this service is free. Users usually get bonuses when they do transactions. For example when you do a mobile money transfer, you can get 100 percent airtime bonus into your phone for MTN calls.
This service has really been important when it comes to paying bills, Tv subscriptions, fees, and other places where people use to queue to do payments.
You can check out more about mobile money,  By reading our Mobile money post
2.     MTN Cloud
Cloud companies today help companies to provide services through the internet instead of the traditional company’s server , making use of cloud service resources such as : Software as a service, plat form as a service, and Infrastructure as a service.
Cloud computing today,  helps businesses to focus on their goal than on maintenance of IT infrastructure and software. .  MTN Cameroon offers cloud services which can benefit every business.

with cloud computing, you can back up and restore data. This has reduced the frustration companies/individuals get when the hard drive has a problem, when a device is stole among others. With cloud computing, once your data is stored, you can access it on any device by simply logging into you cloud account with a user name and password. By using such a service you data is secured.
 There are several advantages that can make another post. Hopefully we will get a post on the advantages of cloud computing on this blog. Cloud computing can be of great help when it comes to web hosting, customer relationship management, online marketing, email marketing among others. If you want to try a cloud service then MTN clouds can be a good place to start with. You can contact us for zoho 1TB offer at 65 dollars too.
Some other cloud services you might have used include: drop box, one drive, google drive, tencent storage, and Zoolz onetime payment cloud storage service. Thanks once more to MTN for bringing this innovation to Cameroonians.
3.     MTN VPNs
             VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.  MTN Cameroon offers and interconnected solution for businesses helping you to access  websites in a private mode. The service cost from 23,000 FCFA TO ABOUT 400,000 FCFA. A VPN enhances the security of an enterprise or individual on the web. With a VPN you can host a private videoconference, host an e-learning program, and send voice messages in a more secured manner. There are several other VPNs you can try out like hide my Ass, Droid, VPN tunnel among others. If you don’t have a credit card to purchase such in Cameroon, don’t feel frustrated because you can make it with MTN. A good website  to know more about the uses, types and advantages of VPN is .
4.     Web hosting
Just like Hostgator, Godaddy, Zoho among other hosting companies, MTN Cameroon has made kit possible for businesses and individuals of all types to purchase domain names and hosting their website with them. User can purchase .com, .cm  .net among others and host them .If you want to share MTN love you can go in for ‘’Njoh’’  free extension. I highly recommend you to always get your own personal domain for both businesses and individuals. It makes you brand known and shows more professionalism.
5.     Sales of mobile phones and tablets
When it comes to Hitech devices, then you can take a stroll to MTN Cameroon commercial center in your neighborhood. Since December last year MTN had been reaching lout Cameroonians with affordable smart phones with prizes as low as 15,000 FCFA. Other phones like the MTN  lyte too are very popular with the tow in one package at 11,500 FCFA.

MTN is also well known for black berry phones. One most popular phone at an MTN commercial center today is the 4G smart Mini L860. The phone came as a result of the launching of the first 4G LTE service in Cameroon by MTN.  There are other phones, you can get. We just want to make you aware that you can get some gadgets from MTN that will make your mobile life rock or just make belong to the android generation.
You can also purchase them from partners, online shops  , online markets . We are in the world where things should be done in a smart way. Always check us out for your online shopping if you think you are busy, we will help you do jumia and kaymu online shopping
6.     sales of internet modems and other internet devices
We are not done with the sales department of MTN Cameroon. Modems are very important when it comes to internet connectivity.  MTN Cameroon offers variety of modems with some as low as 10,000 FCFA. Most modems are brought to you thanks to the partnership between the telephony company and the tech giants Huawei.
    We will end this post here .Our list is really extensive as this tech company has touch almost all domain including sport, charity, gambling, entrepreneurship, motivation, education among others.
I always check out MTN when I think of any innovative service. Do you know any other service that we can enjoy from MTN?
Enjoy MTN 

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