Cameroonians had been challenged with online learning despite the numerous online learning plat forms that exist online.  The main reason I got from some of my subscribers is the high cost of certification that exists on some of the popular online plat forms.  Today, I will be introducing a Made in Cameroon online learning plat form which offers courses on computer technology and entrepreneurship, Skademy.   

What is Skademy All About  ?
Skademy is an online learning website which offers educators and experts the opportunity to post their courses online. The courses are verified by a team of experts to ensure they are of standard.

Skademy is thus a site where students workers and technology enthusiast to learn and code. This plat form is also a means through which companies can follow up the learning of their workers.  It will help those  who wish to take vocational courses at  a very little or no cost.

 It is not all about Cameroon. The plat form is an international learning plat form.  Skademy accept learners and online course designers from all over the world.

What makes Skademy unique?

Skademy is unique in that they enable learners to explore other plat forms like codecademy,  w3schools among other plat forms which offer online courses. This thus expose to a wide variety of resources   . This method also enables the learner to interact with other site thus making learning interesting and exciting.  You can discover more by taking a course on Skademy.
    Skademy also give the learners the opportunity to communicate with course designers through email, text .Learners can even talk on phone or meet the course instructor in some cases.  You can also study on your own, or with the help of a tutor.

Who can Learn
         Every person can learn on this online plat form. If there is an aspect in computer, Designing, and entrepreneurship you want to discover or improve your knowledge on, then skademy is a place for you to do it.  You don’t need to be a computer wizard to learn on skademy. You just need to have internet connection.

How To Learn on Skademy

 This is an online learning site. This means the basic requirement is internet connection. Learners can learn both on computer and tablets. With a stable internet connection, the learner will need to do the following to get started.
   ==Sign up (If you are new on the site)
    ==Go through the various courses. If you have a specific course you want to learn, and then make use the custom search on the website by typing what you want to learn.  You can also leave and email to the team and for sure, you will get a positive respond.

       ==Select the course and click on Enroll
       ==Go through course objectives and curriculum and Start learning.
        ==complete your course and get certified at the end.

The cost of learning
For the moment, Most of the courses on   skademy online plat form are free.  So there is no need to worry about money matters. Get a free online course on skademy and keep moving.
 All you need is to sign up a take a course.  

What About Certification ?

After completing a course on skademy, you can decide to keep a document in the form of a certificate which can permit you to get opportunities.

 Explore the skademy world, take online courses and share with others. We are aware of the slow internet penetration, the mentality among others that is a challenge to every online entrepreneur in Cameroon. Taking a course in online marketing or computer science is a necessity given the increasing trend in technological advancement.   

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  2. Learning is a good habit most of the students are good in learning and they have some aims for those students Kentsville University is best to achieve their aims.


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