Affiliate marketing is a great source of Residual income. This system of making money had grown popular over the past years. Affiliate marketing puts money in an affiliate marketer’s account after hard work and perseverance.

Many are always mislead by the fact that, no effort is put. You most promote whatever product you want to sell in order to make conversions. I came across some online marketer who testified they could not make a dollar after promoting a product for over two years.
The question I ask was ‘’ did you guys promote this product?’’   . Their respond was sir, we had done more than you can imagine.  What am trying to make you see is that, it is not all about hard work in affiliate marketing. Take the smartest moves. The smarter you are , the greater your sales.  Don’t just consider promoting but promote in the right places. Not everybody needs the product you
Most newbies into online marketing always conssider joining an affiliate program.  The decision to join a specific affiliate program is related to what the marketer wants to market. ‘’Which products am I going to sell’’? Here are some questions that can help you in making your decision.

Illustration on how traffic is converted for a quality product.
 The converging-diverging model

Should I sell a new product or a product already in the market?
This is an important question that helps you in setting your market. The answer to this question will help you in targeting your market and in setting up better strategies to make conversions.   New in this context does not only mean newly made. Some products existed tens of years ago but little is known about such products in some countries.  If you can identify that some countries or group of people need such products, then it will be the new to them. The product had never been seen. A product that is new to your target audience can be an item that had been heard about but never seen. Phones (electronics), fabrics and software will make a great deal here.
Is they enough demand for the product you want to market?   
It is frustrating when you choose a product which has a low demand. As an affiliate marketer, it is important to know what people need.  The role of an affiliate marketer is to show people who need a product but cannot find it.  Even though some products have high demand in the market, they won’t make great conversions.  For example affiliate marketing on mobile phones cannot be a good product to start with given thousands of online and offline shops that exist for the sales of mobile phones.
Does it mean I should not sell low demand products?
Products that with a low demand in the market might be due to the two main reasons;
1.       Lack of  good advertisement strategies
2.       The product is not considered good by majority of the consumers.
It is thus your role to find out why a particular product has a low demand. Verify if the demand is decreasing or increasing over the years. If it is increasing find out why and do same if it is increasing. You are into affiliate marketing, you must think like a marketer.

 Should I market digital product that is downloaded (e-book or software) or a physical product that need to be shipped?
This is another important question affiliate marketers need to ask.
If you intend starting an affiliate marketing business, choosing between a physical and digital product is vital depending on your target market.  Digital goods are delivered within a shorter period of time compared with physical products. Making this decision also depends on your target audience. Do they need physical or digital products?
When you chose to market a physical product, another thing to consider is if the product is
1.       Is it perishable or fragile?
2.       Is it light and easy to ship?
3.       Is shipping free?

These are the main things to consider when starting up an affiliate marketing business. You should not limit yourself to these. They will always be a hundred of reasons, but you might need to know just one  to  start earning, while another person will need all to make money.
The driving force is interest in the niche and next interest in affiliate marketing.  With interest in your niche, you will be able to carry out investigation on products on your niche. While developing interest in affiliate marketing gives you the power to research on other products not necessarily related to your niche (competitive and high demand products). You need to make profit, so never limit yourself just to your niche. Consider expanding your business by marketing other products.
Understanding Back end and Front end products in affiliate marketing
We are all aware at least that we should focus on a particular niche. But what happens when you have made a sale? It should not be over for that you and that client. Consider proposing another product to the client.
At some moment in your business, you will be face with this challenge should sell front end (look for new customers) or back end products(sell to existing customers)?
What are back-end products?
These are products or services sold to people who had already bought a product from you.  The first product you sold to that client is called the front end product.   Understanding this will help in choosing your niche.
Take for example an affiliate marketer who wants to market mobile phones. After making the first sale, he can propose a phone case or a power bank to that customer.  Profits are better if you can make a second, third and more sales. You will have a high chance of making a second sale if your front end product is related to your back end product. However, the contrary might work for others.  Be   a SMART!! marketer.
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