Despite the increasing number of internet users in Cameroon, i noticed that the number of Cameroonians on the Google plus social media is low. Among these few Google plus users, not all are very active.  I have asked some few people online on why they are not active on this social media, most people said they don't understand how this media functions. Unlike Facebook where we share photos and comment or twitter where we share tweets and photos,Google plus is a home for multiple activities which you will discover in this post. It is  the social media of quality information. Today, i will share with you some Google plus features and how they  can be used among others. I believe it will go a long way to increase ''Cameroon social media '' users. Access to this media is by use of a G mail address only.
No long forms to fill. Let us get started.
 Logging in
When you type   on your browser, you will be ask for login details. Enter the your G mail email and the your password. Google had made it such that you can use most of their services with your Gmail account. If you don't have one then click on create an account. After logging in you might see some of this  
Screen shot for the top features of Google plus social media

                           Using The search box
The position numbered "1" on the screen shot is the Google + search box.
Just type a suitable keyword on this box and click enter. You can make your results specific by clicking on one of the following ''People or pages, collections, communities,google+post,photos, hangouts  among others.
2.  Directly below the search box is a row of tabs (numbered "2" on the screen shot) .These tabs show the various  ''friend list''   in your account.  Commonly known as circles. we will talk more about circles later
                  . Mentions and explore.
Clicking mentions takes you to the various post with your name on it, be it comments or with +Google name. This is very similar to  the   twitter feature usually displayed on the right of your home page.
On the hand explore  takes you to the to news/events  people are talking about on social media with the hashtag, You can as well use the search other tags in different categories.  This tab do permits you to explore Google plus.
Let go to the top right of
On the screen shot you can see the name of the google plus user,a profile picture and some letters from A-D. is a home of information, product and services of wide variety. The Three by three matrix(''A'') displayed beside your name can help your enjoy some google services without typing the URL on another tab. Here are some of the services
Ten Google services you can use while on on Google plus  with a single click on the matrix at the top right end.

Screen shot for the top features of Google plus social media
 Next to the matrix is a red circle with the infinity sign inside. This  is the notification area. To know what your friends are sharing on social media, simply click on this tab and get your self fed with information.
Below the notification area is the letter ''C '' . This shows friends on your circles and suggested friends to add on your friend list.  This is the major feature of Google plus. For more information about Google circles
Go to

The hangout tab is indicated by the chat icon(D). While on Google plus, you can have a private/group chat with your friends on hangout. Google hangout is  great  for messaging, sharing photos,videos and making calls. This services can also be accessed from the Hangout app available for android and other devices. It can be accessed right from your G mail inbox like Skype messenger by Microsoft.

Sharing On Google plus
You can share text, photos,website links,videos, and other interesting things on Google plus.
Look out for this and click in what ever you want to share.

Other features.
 There are many features on this social networking site.Here are some other features to note.
When you click on the home Tab, you will see a drop down list of of features. Among these are; Communities    and  Pages
Googl plus communities are like lists(on twitter) and groups(on Facebook) .They  are thousands of communities you can join depending on your areas of interest. pages are different ''profiles'' you can create with the same email account on Google plus. You can create a page for your brand, product,company ,website or service.

Do you have a google plus account? What had been your experience with this social networking site?
Facebook versus twitter versus Google plus. Who is the winner and why?

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