Despite the tethering technology on most mobile devices, it is important to get connected on your PC and other devices using modems. With the increasing usage of internet in Cameroon , the telecom companies are putting efforts to reach Cameroonians with modems of  all prizes.

Why will you need a modem?
1. A modem can help you connect all your devices at once. with some internet modems, you can get connected on your tablet,Smartphone,laptop and notebook all at once.
2. Some internt modems permits you to use the internet anywhere(Mifi)
3. With a modem, you can sshare your connection with others if you wish .
 4. You have control over your internet.
5. Modems are easier to install . Little technical knowledge required.

 Internet Users  in Cameroon  now have the choice between , cheap modem or expensive modems . In this post we will share with you some modems the cost 25000 FCFA   and below. We will also share some of the advantages and offers  available for using a specific key. Note that some of these prizes are not the standard prizes. Some are promotional prizes. 
Note that as of now, YouMee and SNS modems are being used in Douala and Yaounde only.Don't rush to buy one if you are not in  any of this towns. Let us get started with some of the modems we found.

Cots: 10 000 FCFA .
These modems are available in Douala and Yaounde for now at SNS mobility sales point. 
2. Orange Huawei Key
These are one cheapest  internet modems in Cameroon.  When you enter an orange shop, you will see this key displayed as ''Internet Everywhere Pack'' . You will get 30 days of connnection when you buy this.
 3. MTN 3 G internet key

The key is available at all MTN shops in Cameroon. It is easy to install and come with internet connection valid for three months.
4.Orange Alcatel Key


Cost :19900 FCFA
This is naother key offered by Orange Cameroon. It is compatible with WINDOWS 8,7 VISTA AND XP.
It is said to  support  the following connectivity types: 3G +, HSUPA,HSPDA,EDGE AND GPRS.
5. camtel  CDMA evdo-huawei modem
 prize: 20 000 FCFA
The camtel modem is one of the best internet modems in Cameroon. This modem can be bough at any Camtel sales point in Cameroon. The  Camtel EVDO-Huawei can work on any  Windows operating system . It is often referred to as the Fako classic pack.

6. YooMee Desktop Modem

Cost: 21900

This key cost about 59000 FCFA. It is on promotion and you can take the advantage to get quality internet connection. This modem provides 4g internet connection to your entire home.
YooMee connection is available for internet user in Douala and Yaounde only.

Do you know any other internet modem available in Cameroon the cost 25000 FCFA or below? Share it with us.
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