Getting your website on the top pages of search engines like yahoo,bing and google is not as easy as  we might think. Most website owners always end up missing out their target as they try to improve on their ranking and search engine results. Here are some of the reasons,why your attempt to improve SEO on your website is not working
1. Lack of long term vision

Many SEO action strategies are applicable for a short period for instance six months to one year. Many clients think that after such a long of period high rankings, there site won’t require any kind of SEO work done. The SEO strategy must create "value" as long as your internet business is operational. Hence, it becomes crucial to know whether you’re employing a short term SEO strategy or a long term SEO strategy.

2. No Real Strategy

The fact is, most SEO experts on the web today don't really know what they’re doing to guarantee your rankings in major search networks. The sad part is, most businesses think that SEO isn’t their cup of tea. As a result, the odds are high that you might be shooting in the dark and expecting to hit your SEO goals at some point. It’s really important that you learn at least the basics of what SEO is all about and know what your SEO expert is doing in order to improve your website rankings.

3. Poor Link Strategy
Most SEO experts end up building random back links to your site that might help you rank your site for a short while but after some time, you might see totally opposite results. In order to build a powerful link reputation, proper alignment becomes very essential. This includes aligning your SEO plan with fresh link variables that are consistent, relevant, diverse, and progressive.

4. Copy the competitor’s site

Many action plans in SEO try to copy what other competitors are doing to rank their site. As a result, many businesses think too much of their competitors & don’t pay any attention to the actual "value" they’re creating through their site.  A SEO strategy which only focuses on chasing the competition is very likely to fall.

5. Unreal expectations

Many SEO action strategies make huge claims & guarantee rankings in top search engines. This attracts most of the online businesses. However, one thing you need to consider when purchasing such services is do these services really guarantee you long term rankings? You must also know their SEO strategy and whether or not it’ll have any negative impact on your site.

6. Bigger is not always better

Many SEO action strategies attract customers by targeting maximum blogs, and social communities during their link building process. But, one think you need to remember is that it is impossible to target numerous communities all at once manually. Hence, it is important that you concentrate on the actual value & interaction instead of the numbers.

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