You must have used Google search in an effort to get information on a particular topic of interest.Google search engine ( is the most popular  search engine on the web. With Billions of information and key words stored on a variety of topics,it sometime makes it challenging getting the what we need. This is because information is published on the web in various formats such as text,documents,videos , images and others.   Google uses special algorithm to generate search results making it easy  to find the information you need on the web.One of the most important thing to consider when using a search engine is using the right key words.  Here is a guide to improve your get better search results. We shall  play some tricks with keywords and also use the different google search subdomains to better our search results.

                        Matching Key words to get Search Results

Sometimes we complain of too much information when we search on Google and end up confused as we keep navigating from one page to another.
Searching information in a wide range
Take for example someone who wants to buy a mobile phone. key words like; mobile phones for sale, phones for sale, buy mobile phones and more will display the various pages(websites)  selling or talking about mobile phones for sale. This term is what is referred to as broad match. With the broad match search, are displayed results including related information to your key word. For our example above on phones; the keywords mobile phones for sale
 Will show results for smart phones ,tablets, used phones, sim cards among others will be displayed in search results. This is a very important aspect in getting results with Google adwords.

Redefining your search by making use  of the broad match modifier.

To avoid  synonyms from appearing on your search results,use the + sign infront of your key word. The key word  +mobile phones for sale will display more results for mobile phones and mobile phones related products.

Search with quotes(‘’ mobile phones for sale’’) and  square brackets([mobile phones for sale])
Adding anyone of this to your keywords when searching on Google will display results specific or close to your keywords. You can check out the screen shot to see more or just try with a keyword you have in mind.
What about adding –to a phrase?

I found out that adding negative to your search phrase show results different from the other phrases mentioned above. For example searching with -mobile phones for sale showed results for  phones ,phones for sale, phone repairs ,companies advertising phones among others in on the first page. This will not really help when you want to do a search. But it is worth trying though.
Ad word users can make good use of it.
You can also use this trick with single keywords like phones, money and more.
However, I found out that these tricks work well with phrases.  When I tried,-phones. No result was display. Can advertisers make use of this on ad words?

     Using serach subdomain

You can also improve your search results by making use of the sub domains below
1. To search for videos type '''' on your browser and enter your key words.
2. To search for images type ''images,''
3. To search for news,type ''''
5.  To search for products available for online shopping, type'''' and search
6. Type '' when you want to search books.
7. To search for a location  for example ''Bamenda'', type ''''. you can also use this sub domain to fine places like hotels,businesses around your town.
8. To Search information about flights , type''''
9.To search apps on your mobile phone, Go to  www.
10. To search for apps and  software    and games for your computer go to  

 How else do you think users can improve their search results on Google?

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