Operating system
Windows 10,windows 8,windows 8.1,windows 7 ,windows Vista and windows XP.

 NB: These are the ones i have used. If you are trying it on another operating system, then be ready for any consequences.

==> go to and download software .
NB: software will take about  4 MB space
step 2
==> open folder containing the software and click on it.

step 3
==>  Click on install

the installation process takes about one minute.Once the installation is successful, you will be able to see the dialogue box showing complete as on the screen shot below.
Click on show details to ensure installation  is complete . 

if you see the green line showing ''complete '' at the end. then congratulations you are ready to crack you Huawei modem.

Common installation Problems you might encounter and suggestions on how to

During the installation process or after installing this software, you might encounter an error based on the following reasons:
-A virus has infected the software either from your computer or from the site you downloaded the DC unlocker.
-some files in the sofware are absent
-You downloaded fron another source( which might be incomplete or corrupt.)
Here are some suggestions if you are faced with such a problem.
1. If you did not download the software from, then uninstall the software from your pc, download a newe copy and install it.
2. Ensure all drivers on your PC are updated.
3. perform a malware scan on your PC.
               was the installation successful? Did you encounter any errors?

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