SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your site visibilty on search engines or just getting natural traffic using different SEO technique.  SEO techniques help imrove your website ranking on to serach engines, imrove your web traffic and ranking.
Here are some techniques that every website owner should try.

                                        The Right Keywords

You must know which type of keywords & phrases people are searching online. However, you must also make sure that your chosen keywords are the ones that describe your company the best.

                                 SEO Optimized Content

Search engine spiders use the content present on your site in order to decide its ranking. Hence, it's crucial that you make sure all your keywords are used in a proper manner. Also, you must remember that your website has 2 main objectives, the first one in to attract the search engines & the second one is to engage the reader. With a blog, you are able to update the content on your site regularly and attract lots of visitors.

                                              Descriptive Page Titles

The title of your web page is amongst the most critical things which search engines use for finding your website. You must also remember that titles are not only seen by the search spiders, but they are seen by the visitors on your site as well. Do not overload the title with a bunch of keywords. It would be much better if you focus on the ones which are really crucial to represent the content.

                      Keyword Rich Meta Description and Tags

Meta tags are present at the top side of your web page code. These tags are also one important component which help search engines locate your site. Make sure you accompany these tags with the right Meta description.

Although search engines are not paying a big attention towards the keyword tags, still there isn’t any harm if you put 5 to 6 keywords within the tag section of your website.

                                                     Inbound links play their role

The quality as well as the quantity of the inbound links are critical to your website ranking. There are a number of ways for increasing the incoming links towards your site. A few of these are posting valuable comments on the blogs relevant to the content of your site, posting articles, using social media websites, contacting others to create a link towards your site, etc.

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