Ad sense still remain the most popular way people use to make money on their blogs. Placing ads at the right position without violating adsense policies is very important. Last time we were talking on how to enable adsense codes without parsing error 
step 1
Go to> select the blog you want to add the code==>click on Template===>Edit HTML displayed in White
Go to your ad sense account on another window and get the Ad sense code paste it on note pad and do ad code minification  before parsing the ad code

 parse your minified ad code Here

Step three
Copy the parsed code and return to your blogger HTML
press ctrl +F

In the search box that appear to the top right, copy and paste the following

''Related Posts with Thumbnails Code End''
 Paste the code directly below this line and the ad will appear below related post.
    If you want the ad to be above related post, search  for this line

"Related Posts with Thumbnails Code End''

When you find this, paste the code just above this line.
By default, the ad will align to the left. You can center the add by adding the center tag as follows

if you want the ad to align to the right.

Sometimes the ad might just be too close to related post which can result in accidental clicks           ( ad sense policy violation).
For you do escapE from this
add the paragraph tag as follows


This should not be confused with adding ad sense code below post. If that is what you want then follow this  Quick  guide

Repeat step one and search for this line:

b:includable id='postQuickEdit' var='post'

Open notepad and paste the ad as follows

Copy what you have on notepad and paste it just above the line you searched.

   Note that this ad will appear between post and comment. In the days ahead, i will show you how to add the code just above or below social share bottons
 Let me know if this tutorial worked for you.

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