Rooting you android phone is very important as it helps in giving you access to all parts of your phone. However, rooting without a computer can greatly improve you’re your chances of data loss amongst others. Note that rooting as well reduces your phone warranty among others. 

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There are tons of apps out there in Google play store as well as other android app stores that can you can use to root an android device. Some will require your computer to be connected to your phone while others will just do the ‘’magic’’, no PC needed. Among the thousands of apps that can do these, I will share with you today 5 apps  I believe are worth trying. For the apps that have android version, you can choose to use a pc or not to. Let us focus today on the top 5 Chinese rooting apps worth using.

V Root
This is a Chinese app that can be used to root your phone with little or no risk. The app developed by the Mgyun team in China can is available in English. It can be downloaded for android phones here   English Version for pc
Process(Rooting an android device with vroot)
If you have the android version, I believe the steps are easy to follow. However if you are faced with any difficulties, feel free to leave a comment and I will suggest a solution.
A Computer running on windows OS
USB cable
An  android device fully charged or greater than 60 percent.
vRoot software.
With all the requirements set, you can follow the following steps. Make sure you back up your data for safety reasons.
==1 On the Settings menu, selectDeveloper options and enable USB debugging (If you cannot find Developer option then read here).
==2 Open the VRoot software on your computer.
==3 Connect your android device on a pc using the USB cable.
==4 Be patient until the model of your device is displayed on the VRoot software.
== 5 Then click the "Root" button in green to start the rooting process.
     When the process is complete, your device will reboot and you will see a confirmation message displayed by the sotware.
That is it. you now have a rooted android device , Thanks to Vroot. Let me know your results.

Root Master
This is an excellent app available at apxadtracking,net.  
 It is another excellent Chinese app that makes rooting easier.
This app gives you the opportunity to root your devices without a computer.
Using this app is very easy:
 ==> Download the apk file and install the app.
===>launch the app
==>Click get root and within a few seconds, your device will be rooted.
Now that ,your phone is rooted, you can manage your software with ease ,have a phone with improved speed and other great features thanks to root master.
King Root
 This app is available in both windows and android versions. The desktop and mobile versions are also available This Chinese app by KingRoot Srudio is excellent in rooting mobile devices with/without a PC.                                                                 It can be downloaded at                                                                                                 It is excellent in rooting phones like  htc, sony xperia, samsung, Huawei, Nexus among others.
For the android Version follow the steps below:
==> Download and install KingRoot on your android device.
==>Click on START Root if root access is available.
==>wait for some time until you see a tick displayed on your screen. This is only when the rooting is complete. Restart your device and enjoy all hidden features.

For the PC Version use it as follows:
==> Download   the app.
==> install KingRoot in your PC
==> connect device to PC
==> Click the round circle to start the rooting process
You will see a tick when the rooting is done.
 Make sure you are connected to the internet during the rooting process.

Baidu Root

Baidu root is an  app developed by the chinese web company BaiduInc. It is one of the most successful rooting app that supports over 40000 devices. The app has two major features:
 ==it increases booting speed.                      ==it can monitor malicious activities
The app is also available on desktop and pc versions. The app can be downloaded at . Rooting can be done as follows with your android device.
Download and install the app
 ==> Launch the app
 ==> .Click on”A key to get Root Privilige” button.
==> Rooting is successful if you see the message Displayed below.

i Root
This is another great Chinese app,  that is noted for rooting android devices without a PC.
Rooting can be done using the following steps:
 ==>Download and Install the app from  apk  file .
==>Open the app
 ==>Click on ''I Agree''
 ==>Click on ''Root''
==> wait for some minutes.
Rooting is successful if you see Device Rooted displayed on your screen.
Things to note
Make sure you meet the following requirements when rooting a phone.
-Back up your phone.
- Enable unknown Sources
 -have enough power in your battery
     Do you know any Chinese app that can be used to root a  phone? Share with us

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