Tips for Retrieving Some Hidden Files by Viruses or. On  storage like UBS’s or Memory Cards.

For this we got to know about a great guy called the ‘Command Prompt’.
Its Utility is Really Vast but for now. We’ll limit here and and who knows, later I may Bring more on It. But Please guys,just follow what i do because if you fail to do so, you may ruin your computer and have to re-install the system.

Here is a summary of what you will see in the Slide show.
STEP 1:  Launching We Move ‘starts button’/’All Programs’/’Accessories’

STEP2: Now we may enter the letter of the desired device in the command prompt. In my case it’s ‘J’ as seen in the slide show.

STEP 3 : Hit Enter and  type  ‘attrib -s -h /s /d *.*’ and hit ‘Enter’
And It’s Done everything is visible.  Check out the slideshow if you want the tutorials with pictures.

The last two screen shots show the case when some of my files were hidden and the last one show the results I obtained after taking the steps mentioned above.
This Is a great tips you should know because many files are usually hidden on our PCs by viruses. Even with windows ‘show hidden files option’ nothing is recovered and we all get confused saying they have been eaten up by viruses.
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