Putting a password on a particular folder can be done with encryption soft wares like Veracrypt, AxCrypte, Bitlocker , 7 zip and  more.  Some of these software are free while others are premium .  Let us get a simple way to do it with WinRAR.
A folder containing a file
Step 1
Right  click on folder and select ‘’compress and email

 Step 2

On the tab displayed, click on  ‘’Advanced’’

Click set password displayed on the right end. Enter the desired password and click  ok to return to winRar.

Click  ok displayed and allow the folder to compressed. Click ok for any pop up displayed.
After encryption
Note: If you are not good in keeping passwords, save a copy of the folder somewhere
The original folder will still be available with the compressed/encrypted folder. If you want to keep the encrypted folder, delete the uncompressed folder .
This type of encryption can easily be by passed. For better encryption get encryption soft wares

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