To get people who are interested in your product or service, you need to enable subscription on your blog. Feed Burner is a cool way to gather your email list. You can get highly recommended subscription forms from aweber and others.  It is not something that is done in a second, but requires time. As you deliver quality, you get subscribers.

Another way to get email list is by buying or renting from a company you think can have your target audience. For example, if I want to promote back to school products, I will prefer to buy email list from  a school . With this you are sure the people you are sending emails are capable of buying your products. It is never easy to go about it. But you should consider trying.
Another way is to get emails from brokers such as etarget. You can as well get an email list by listing your news letters on e-zine directories. An  Enzine  is  newsletter that is delivered via email that you can subscribe or opt-in to it.

The last method is by getting email directly from friends or family directly. This will not really give you quality list. If you have any other way of doing this feel free to share.
To wrap thing up, you should consider using phone numbers to promote especially for those who operate businesses in Africa where majority have mobile phones. You have a chance to reach a high number of people using a mobile phone than using email.

 Email marketing is gradually getting out of place, given the fact that we have many social media and apps which allow us to communicate and share information with our love ones. Consider adventuring into mobile advertsisement/promotions. For more about mobile promotions, leave me an email.

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  1. Good to know that, thanks! But when you put it all together, you'll need email list verify, otherwise your success rate might be quite low. I do it with tool - it's free to give it a try!


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