Creating a contact form for your blog is not that difficult . With the combination of forms in HTML programming  and form handler in php programming, we can create simple forms on our web pages. But if you don't want to deal with the codes, you should consider using google forms to create contact forms

Step 1
Go to and click on Forms
Step two
You will be redirected to a page where you will be prompted to create questions. Am not sure you are really going to create questions, since we want to answer one. So what is the trick?
Question one:  Name
Response type:  Select text
 After this click on ''Add item''
Question two:  email
Response type:   Select text
  click on ''Add item'
Question three: Message
Response type : select paragraph text
  If you want to continue with other fields like phone number.
click on ''Add item' and input your desired item.

When your items are ready, you can then edit them . For example you can duplicate some,create required field and more.

  How do i get the contact form unto my blog/website?
when you click on done, you will see send option displayed on the top left. Click on it and copy your link which you can share on add to your site. You will probably know the best position to do so.
You can add the form using, add gadget option on your blogger dash board (HTML or message with link to form)
Another way to do this is to create a  page on blogger with the HTML option ( Note that you have both HTML and compose options).

Then, click on embed just just beside the link that was displayed when you clicked send form. 
An code will be generated.
Paste the code on your page . You can adjust the height and width while switchting between compose and HTML formats to have the form you way.
Thank you .
See Demo here

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