1.        An API that you can use to integrate on your website
2.        Any originator, also alphanumeric
3.       Applications to help you manage your account.
4.        Creating contacts in different categories
5.       Customizable website for resellers.
6.        Deferred delivery time with the ability to define periodic send-jobs
7.        Detailed tracking and documentation of your sending
8.       Drafts manager
9.        Flash SMS, .
10.    Functions to import text files, spreadsheets and other SMS databases
11.   No expiry date for our SMS services.
12.     No need for additional hardware, only access to the Internet required
13.    Normal SMS, 160 Characters.
14.    Operator logos, Picture messages
15.    Phonebook with the ability to detect duplicates and Templates
16.   Report center
17.    Send log with delivery notifications
18.    SMS Delivery report
19.    SMS scheduling
20.    Very detailed explanations regarding the delivery state of messages

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