We have seen in my last post the pros of rooting an android device. Rooting an android device involves risk. However you can always do great things with your device when it is rooted. I for one I’ve taken the risk. Here are some disadvantages of rooting your device.

== You can experience random reboots after rooting your device.
==rooting can lead to loss of data. This is why it is recommended you back up your data before rooting your device.
==Rooting a mobile phone can be a road to jail. Yes, I mean jail (prison).  This only happens when you crack  a boot loader.
==There is a possibility of bricking your android device.  If you fall into this , you can get to the company that supplied you with the rooting software if they can help resurrect your phone. If they fail to do it, then think of other ways your phone can be used or just name it a ‘’Toy’’ for your kids or little friends.
== Rooting will void the warranty of your phone. No company will accept to replace your rooted device.
== In  a situations where the rooting involves the installation of a custom ROM, your device will fail to get updates. You know what this can mean to your device.

==  Rooted phones are more open to viruses and malwares than unrooted devices. Rooting your device simply means ‘’I am ready for viruses’’
==  Even though the purpose of rooting a phone is to improve performance, the rooting process can just end up reducing your phone performance especially speed.
== Rooting your phone can cause you spend money in an attempt to repair your phone. I remember my friend Jean who spent  100 dollars to get his phone back to no avail.  It is necessary to meet an expert when things go way ward.
==Damage to your Computer: You have to becareful with the apps, you install on your computer to root your android devices. Make sure you read reviews and ratings of the apps to ensure there are safe to run on your PC.  If you fail to do your research, then you can likely say ‘’good bye to your pc’’ Too bad.

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