Green house Farming
For many people especially those in the Western world, Africa is synonymous with diseases, wars, conflicts and famine. We are a continent programmed to be at war with itself. Our ignorance is a fuel to our misfortunes. Our greed is a catalyst to our disintegration. The original BUSINESS PLAN that was written on Africa has been very effective and continuous to be. This is why Africa and Africans continue to live in the bubble.
To be FREE, we must start asking relevant questions and implementing sustainable solutions. So, therefore:
- Ask why Africa alone has more charitable organizations than any other continent in the world, yet we are worst than we were before independence;
- Ask why over a trillion dollars has come to Africa in AID yet Africa is still sick and poor – ‪#‎DambisaMoyo is criticized over her book, “Dead Aid”;
- Ask why the first University was in Africa yet the African education curriculum is almost obsolete – why does brain drain continue to exist;
- Ask why General education graduates make up over 60% of the unemployed population in Africa yet General education is still preferred over Technical /Vocation Training schools in Africa;
- Ask why the old and original books written in Africa and by Africans have been paraphrased and then burnt;
- Ask why we continue to give away our natural resources and prefer to buy/ import the finished products;
- Ask why the African immigrant population is the most educated in the West yet Africa still remains largely underdeveloped;
- Ask why most African countries do not own their currencies and have no reserve banks despite the wealth that resides in it;
- Ask why the West introduced Christianity yet all its “Prophets” live and reside in Africa;
- Ask why the number of Christians in Africa is doubling while the West is facing a steep decline of same;
- Ask why there are more churches in Africa than there are vocational schools;
- Ask why the so-called GLOBAL Malaria eradication campaign in 1952 not include Africa? Then ask about the origin of diseases like HIV/AIDS, Ebola etc;
- Ask why they will spend over a trillion dollars to cure an illness rather than spend a thousand dollars to prevent the same illness;
- Ask why the xenophobia is frequent in Africa – why we do hate ourselves and envy our kind but quick to love others even blindly;

Ask why they did it to Mohamed Boudiaf(Algeria), Melchoir Ndadaye(Burundi), Um Nyobe (Cameroon), Francois Tombalbaye (Chad) , Ahmed Abdallah (Comoros), Marien Ngouabi(Congo), Gaddafi (Libya), Patrice Lumumba (Kinshasa), Robert Guei (Ivory Coast), Sadat (Egypt), Amilcar Cabral (Guinea), Ratsimandrava (Madagascar), Eduardo(Mozambique), Mainassara (Niger), Ahmadu Bello, Akintola, Fajuyi, Saro Wiwa, Murtala (Nigeria), Abdirashid (Somalia), Steve Biko(S. Africa), Karume(Zanzibar), Olympio(Togo), Luther King(USA), Tupac(USA), Notorious BIG (USA) and even JF Kennedy (USA)
- Ask why the unity of Africa is somewhat practically impossible nowadays?
‪#‎Africans were born FREE, our continent was DIVIDED UP, our countries were COLONIZED, our leaders were NEOCOLONIZED and now our minds are going through RECOLONIZATION – we must balance the equation to invite CHANGE...
- Ask why over 60% of Africans are farmers yet no Africans own the largest farms;
- Ask why over 60% of Africans are farmers but the same farmers are the poor, hungry, malnourished;
- Ask why these greenhouses have existed for over 500 years but Africa and Africans are only feeling them now.

Agriculture is the only thing we know and will do best – that’s why slavery existed in the first place. Agriculture is the only platform through which Africa can gain UNITY.
Oh my Africa!!! Ohhh my Africans!!! The problem is not the government, not our colonial masters, not the religion but our MINDSETS – the NECROTIC process at play. We must employ intuition over intelligence and then develop sustainable solutions to our crisis so as to balance this equation.

My plans are simple and practical:
• In 2013 I introduced and tested the affordable greenhouses in Cameroon;
• In 2014 I experimented with and grew a wide variety of produce and then established a sustainable B-model;
• In 2015 I have introduced the locally made drip irrigation system and established a one-stop shop platform; the GreenHouse Academy and GreenHouse Cooperative;
• By 2017, we'll create agriculture communities in target areas and engage in the production of a variety of crops for target markets.
• By 2018 the GreenHouse curriculum becomes embedded in the education system of Cameroon; the GreenHouse Cooperative becomes the new Marketing Board; GreenHouse Asset Management becomes the new investment platform for Cameroonians at home and abroad; Greenhouse products make it on every shelf; the GHV brand and model becomes emulated in other countries;
• By 2020 we must have deployed over 3000greenhouses; collaborated with over 200 vocational & technical schools; trained and graduated over 6000 students; engaged over 1000 Cameroonians on my investment platform; established a transformation unit to transform, bottle and package any excesses;
• By 2025 these affordable greenhouse are all over West Africa; unemployment is reduced by 17% in Cameroon; sustainable agriculture is achieved and Cameroon becomes a major producer, consumer and exporter of a variety of produce from these greenhouses.
• By 2050, the world’s population reaches 9 billion and Africa should be self-sustainable and will feed the rest of the world. Africa will begin to see and feel UNITY.

The colonial masters and missionaries started with a business plan. I have done same. And, as long as I am alive, I KNOW THERE IS HOPE FOR MY FAMILY, MY VILLAGE, MY COUNTRY, MY CONTINENT AND THE WORLD AT LARGE.
If this is my purpose in this life then you have a purpose too.
By Roland Fomundam

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