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After submitting your web content to search engines  as a business , it is necessary to think of  return on investment, web traffic,  business exposure, marketingtools SEO benefits of backlinks, business rating ,reviews and more. This what a typical business directory should do to help businesses grow. Remember +Google Search is able to gain popularity because it can do more than what a traditional search engine is capable of. This means to make a business directory with a difference, you have to think out of the definition that ‘’ A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists all businesses within some category. Businesses can be categorized by business, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through automated online search software.’’(Wikipedia). 

Talking in the context of My country Cameroon, I will like to add that a business directory should be able to help businesses grow. Business listing in Cameroon had been a major challenge to the small businesses as there are not aware of the importance of this service. As I always say to my clients who express interest in investing in Cameroon, Cameroonians of today need more of education. Educate them today and make your money tomorrow.

Many business directory are not creating a remarkable impact in the  ‘’ Camer Market’’ because the focus is on getting some popular companies listed and some paid featured listing with keep their bank accounts ‘’hot’’.  Some few months ago, I discovered something very different and as good as it was it was a made in Cameroon directory called Ngondo pages. In our next post we will talk more about the services on Ngondo pages(
 Why is it necessary to list your business on a directory?
There is this common say  that ‘’ a single hand cannot tie a bundle’’. This is the simple reason you need to list your business on a business directory.  A Business directory show your company profile as well as information such  ,business name ,addresses, telephone numbers, location,type of service, products the business provides, number of employees, the service region, any professional media associations such as twitter, youtube chanel, facebook page,video profile and more.

Business directories also enable those who had used your services to rate your services and write reviews about your business.
 This is an important tool that a business can use to improve on its services. 

Several businesses are looking for partners and business directories are just the place they go to. If you have a business not listed, check out directories like ngondo pages, cameroon pages and more. But those are my best two. 
Feel free to ask your questions.
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