Orange Cameroon offers a variety of tariff plans for calls, sms and data as well as promotions which helps subscribers to choose depending on their need. I will share to you the various plans, access codes, adavantages and other information you need to know about these plans.

 To avoid making this post lenghthy, I have de to Made this post a series (Part one to 5). You can click on the tags , Plenty or Orange plenty at the end of the post to see all plenty offers.

Part one  
Plenty Classic(10 minutes for 500F)
Why  should I subscribe?
Call cost:  0.8F/s (48f/minute) to all networks
Minimum amount required to make a call: 1F
COST OF SMS: 20F/sms to all networks

Who can have access to the Plenty bundle? Everyone
Automatic renewal? No
Can i have a.Favourite number? Yes, Dial 915

       Consulting sub accounts
This pack has  sub accounts which  include
Plenty all networks, for calls to all networks
Plenty SMS all networks,
Plenty international, for international calls
Plenty Internet, fir data and
Plenty social networks for whatsapp,  facebook, twitter and more.

    How do i Check this Sub accounts?  It is simple Dial #123# and select 0. You can check any of the sub accounts listed above.

What is the Cost? 500f
How long can i use this offer? 1 week.

How can Isubscribe to Plenty Classic ?
Dial  #141#   and select 1 for Plenty Classic bundle
Or Dial *141*

What else do i need to know? 
By subscribing to a bundle, your tariff plan automatically becomes Plenty. 
You can then communicate at 1F/sec to Orange and 1,5F/sec to other networks . Remember the bundle is just 500F. 

  This means if you recharge 2000 F and subscribe to plenty classic , you will still have 1500 F left. When you have exhausted your 500 in the bundle where you make calls at 0.8 F. You will start using the 1500 left now at the cost of 1F/s and 1.5F/s respectively to orange and other networks. 
This is the normal tariff plan for all plenty subscribers.
 Internet: 0MB
Social networks: 0 MB
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