There are many game development softwares  available for  anyone interested in game development . Stencyl is just the place to start. Now i will give you a guide on how to develope your first game.  

MY word: Before considering to start developing a game, it is good you learn abit of HTML5 so that you can perfect you work . However it is good to start somewhere.
Firstly, you need to download stency software at 

 Install the software and create your first game as follows.
  == Launch the application from your desktop
== click on create new game
==  Check out sample games at
== Download any of the games and  go back to the stency software and click on Import .
== With this you can edit and  try to add in your ideas
. That is it for your first game.
== As you get use to this, you can now try better ways like starting from scratch or using the kit.
Good luck in your game development adventure.
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