If you have visited Google.cm this morning, you must have seen the Doodle for  Cameroons independence celebration. It is very great that the internet giant is celebrating with the Cameroon.
So what is Cameroon Independence day?
Cameroons national day commonly known as ‘’vingt  Mai’’  is  a day in Cameroonians celebrate the country’s independence . It a day chosen to celebrate the unity of the two then French   and southern Cameroon whose independence was achieved on the 1st of January 1960 and 1st of October 1961 respectively.
The day is characterized by March pass, speeches and medal award around the country.
The Money making day
It is also a day in which huge sales are made around the country.  Some products like Beverages, biscuits, chocolates, milk and so many other fast food.

Another group of people that makes this day are gamblers. Much cash is made dusting this day by Gamblers. Lucky cards, mini Casino, and all sought of gambling is done during this day around the celebration areas usually the grand stands.

We can’t leave bar and restaurant owners out who also make big sales during this day One important characteristics of a Cameroonian is that ‘’ we love feasting’’. During the national day, provisions are made for those celebrating be it in the, morning, afternoon and evening. 

The telecommunication companies also use this day to offer promotions and speciual discounts  for products. 

The story is different in the rural areas. Sales of sugar cane and locally produced Yogurts are the products of the day. At the end of the day, biscuits are taken home in polythene bags to share with those who could not make it to the grand stand.

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