Opera mini is a   mobile web browser that is being used by most for mobile browsing. There are several versions that we can use to set up free interenet. Your phone should have atleastt three versions of Opera mini.. 
To get free internet on black berry,

1. Download a version of Opera mini at m.opera.com versions such a

3.OPERA MINI MOD  3.2,  4.2(Recommended),  3.2 3.6 and others can be downloades.. 

4. Launch the browser and  enter the following
. Add the following parameters in the 
IP : 080,232,117,010 
port 80
Server: www.orange.cm 


What if i Dont see this option automatically?

Launch the browser and 

Go to "Settings," ,  then "Advanced," then "Network" and click "Proxy servers" to access settings for proxies. Enter the same details as above

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