Its  midnight (23 GMT +1) that i am writing this post with a lot of pain in my heart . As my purpose had been,  I have been around, the web for some time now trying to see if i can get some Cameroonians who  have my mentality or anyone who is focused in writing the name  of Cameroon on the internet in a positive way.
 Whenever i  find someone and  its come to action time, the question is on  how much will i earn? I asked one guy if he is willing to invest time and money for ten years , Oh my, he exclaimed that ‘’I can never’’.    I have been trying my best to keep my followers on twitter, facebook . Google plus and more with the best they need from me.
I can’t count the the number of people who had also called me to say keep up. People like +kedia are example of people who are my source of courage.
It had been my dream to serve millions of people. Even though i have had difficult times, i know it will come true. You might be asking why i brought up this issue about me today.
I received a called today at 18:30 GMT+1 from someone requesting to  have a talk with me.  I met  this man and he was telling me to link my blog to his plat form, wow i was  hoping to see something gorgeous. Can’t imagine what he said. He wanted to link my Google account to his analytic account.  He also said, he wanted us to exchange passwords so that i can post on his blogs and he will do same for me.
I responded with a big NOOOOOOOOOO and said politely, sir you can make me an admin into your account. No need to exchange passwords.
This man said he is a holder of a master degree in Computer science with 13 years experience. I don’t just want to describe him.
I spent an hour with him showing him how he can buy a domain name on Hostgator,how to use Google analytic, how to buy with a  credit card and some tips to SEO. I never knew i was playing with a rogue. I came home this evening and one checking my Adsense account, i saw a notification which you can see on the screenshot below.

When i went to my payment profile, discovered that someone had change my email and phone number . I could not think twice. I just went into my phone just to discover it was this man’s number that was inside.  What a shame. This is someone i was calling ‘’mon pere’’ meaning my father. Just look at what he is doing.
                  I went to my Gmail account and saw an email which reads

je suis marie Solange je travaille avec vous depuis un temps mais pour cela je veux savoir si vous avec contacte que je suis avec vous chez adsense alors pour cela reste connecte avec moi .
I am Marie Solange I work with you for a while, but for that I want to know if you have contacts that I am with you in ad sense then connects to it remain with me.
Rosy Rosy <> 


Snap shot of my adsense account with the frauder email and  number

My word.
Together we can build a better Cameroon. Elders support us , don’t deceive us because we are trying our best to build a different Cameroon.  #ilovecameroon.
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