Shopping online is one of my best ways to do shopping. I will share with you today how you can save money for your next shopping on
The first way to save money on Jumia if it is your first time is to subscribe to the Jumia newsletter. 6000 XOF will be deduced from any shopping you do.

Copuon codes and  Discounts
Exploit the Coupon codes. Jumia offer several coupon codes especially during feast days. Just keep your eyes open not to miss any, such as the SHEEP coupon code. Check on the side bars to see all the promotions offered and click on them to save money on yoir shopping


The third way is by buying electronics on the MTN shop. The MTN shop on Jumia is the most popular shop in terms of discounts. You can buy your phones with discounts of up to 50 percent .

                             Offer of the day
Offers of the day( Offres du jour)
When you visit, search for the ad displayed offer of the day (usually displayed on the right-hand side of the page) and click on offer of the day. Here you will get lots of discounted product.

Happy online shopping

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  1. I am looking for a site which is safe for online shopping in Pakistan and which offers cash on delivery facility at your doorsteps?

    1. some sites like,, and offer cash on delivery service. Hope this will help you in your online shopping and keep your money safe

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  4. Life is easy now! No need to plan for going out & get stuff
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