Hello to all online shoppers. Last time we saw how we could save 25000 XOF shopping on Jumia, with the SHEEP coupon code and 6000 XOF subscription Voucher. Today we am going to share with you how you can get 20000 XOF to shop on Jumia.
If you have visited MTN Cameroon website, you must come across 3G services being announced. Thats not all, MTN Cameroon is offeing a quiz Call My space quiz, Which top 10 winners can have a 20000 Voucher to shop on Jumia.cm.

How does this work
  Step one
Register on the my space quiz
Step two
Answer 20 question
Step three
Feature in the top ten
Step four
GET YOU 20000 XOF Voucher
step five
Save 20000 XOF shopping on jumi.cm
Happy shopping.
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