It had never been easy knowing the location of a friend or relative in Cameroon.  Someone will easily  say meet me in Douala   Bonamoussadi  ‘’ Fraicheur’’  or Akwa,  for example.  
Most streets in Cameroon do not have numbers which can help tourist and visitors identify their location.
Hey, it won’t be easy to go  and meet the person at his or her door step. You need to recharge your phone , so that upon arrival, you will call the friend to come pick you up. Sometimes you will have to sit down somewhere while waiting for his arrival.

To meet a person at his exact destination, the person must be in a popular joint or company which taxi drivers and bike riders know. It is easy to say meet me at MTN head office Bonaberi, Gabon  Snack Logpom and more.
It had been a problem with those who don’t work in such places or those who leave in the quarters in Douala. Cameroon online shops had missed thousand of clients because of this situation.  Jumia Cameroon with its Cash on delivery service will benefit much from this.
Lately, the Douala city council started the numbering of streets . This will go a long way to improve the online marketing in Cameroon as good will be easily delivered. Today you can see plaques labelled 
Rue   4524  Ndokotti. This will facilitate locating destinations of individuals and customers. This also will go a long way to boost online marketing in the economical capital of Cameroon, Douala. 
We hope the same thing will be done in other towns. Good luck to the Cameroon online shopping world.

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