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 If your modem did not ask for an unlock code after inserting a different sim card in it then you need to;

A.          Update you firmware by following  this link 

When the link opens, click on your device name. E.g E303, E303C   or  any other device name.
Click on download the firmware
When the download is complete, install the Firmware and follow the step by step instructions. If at any moment you are asked for a password, type in the Flashcode you generated above . If it does not work, try this one n1122n
Again you will need to input the unlock code you generated. 
  If you dont know have an unlock code then go back and read 
Let me know if this worked for you.
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  1. Thank you for your alternative solution.This method is very straight and forward. I have unlocked hundreds of modems with this and it was very ok. There is noo need to fear just follow the steps i have outlisted here and it will be very ok.

  2. pleas how can i access the security check of

    1. Please what exactly do you want to do so ?

  3. Les nouvelles clé internet(Huawei E303, E3131...) ne prennent pas directement le Unlock Code. Une des procédures est expliquée sur ce blog. Déblocage Huawei E303 E3131.Nexttel, Orange, MTN SUR c'est'est gratuit, tout de même!!!


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