Hello to all .The GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level results will soon be published. The 2014 GCE candidates visit their campus every day to see what  is going on.
Unconfirmed sources say the results will be published by  the first week of August. There is no such information on the Gce Board website.

The period is not only for the candidates. This is also a period for all those who want to get some cash.Remember how MTN Cameroon made money with the results during 2013 session.

Ok lets get to our own part. You must not have the the Gce results to make money. Lets get started:

+ Selling Electronics
Electronics to stock during this period will include Mobile phones,  Laptops,computers,ipads, android devices and games.
A good number of candidate will want to get the best electronics  to start higher education with.
+Selling Fashion products
Hey guys think of  the number of dresses you needed when moving into the first year  of the  university. Dresses,chains,make ups are all the products that can give you cash dusing this period. Female products will sell more. The females constitute a majority of our population so watch out.
Selling News Papers
This is the oldest way which people had been making money during the results . Hey guys you have to becareful if you are to engage in this. The first three days of publication are the days you will sell most. So make sure you make use of day 1.

Just be vigillant parents and love ones will need to give presents to candidates. Just look around your area and see what you can do to make some cash.

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  1. This is interesting, i will try this next time.

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