HUAWEI   Mobile  Store in Cameroon
HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd  has opened its first store in Cameroon. The store will market the products of this Chinese company .
 The store is located in Douala the economical capital of Cameroon.
What makes  this store an outstanding one in Cameroon is the fact that it provides after sales services . A service which is not popular in the Cameroon soil.The store had been had been in operation since it was launched on the 3rd  of  July 2014 .
An official speaking on behalf of this company during the launching of the store said they have as an ambition to become the leader in the promotion and sales of smart phones in Cameroon.
We believe this will go a great way to better the use of technology . Achieving the goals of this store will lead to an  increase in the number of internet users in Cameroon since smart phones are cheaper than computers and laptops . They are also easy to manipulatess . Hoping for expansion of this store to other regions. More updates will be coming concerning this store
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